LF001 Ali's Back Beat Down
Featuring Ali vs Matt 30:00 mins

A Fan saw some of Ali's earlier test clips and promptly requested a Custom Video to have her lovely back and abs abused. Poor lass, seems she's destined to be the consummate victim of the site for a while!


Ali is out doing her routine stomach toughening exercises, when Matt comes along and starts to give her grief she flips him off a comment that upsets him. Thus starts Ali's brutal beat down. Don't try this at home!


Of course what ever you brag to have the best of is the first thing that gets attacked. Ali is roughly hoisted up across Matt's shoulders and is cruelly tortured and bent.

When Matt has Ali's back nicely softened up and in dire pain, he repetedly drops her across his knee to stretch out her abused abs and torture her lower back even more.

Before she's able to catch her breath, Matt throws Ali up against the wall and drives huge fists into her now battered belly. Tough as she is, there is only so much you can take before all the fists and knee lifts take their toll on your wrecked body. Matt resorts to down and dirty tactics to punish Ali.

Bear hugs, camel clutches, back breakers and belly smashes all come to an end at the finally where Ali is cruelly spread legged.. She can howl in pain all she wants, no one is coming to her help. Finally, she is put out of her misery by Matt's favourite finisher hold. A must see for back breaker fans and belly smasher fans.

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