LF002 ABreast of Punishment
Featuring Ali vs Matt

Our second Custom Video was born out of what one pre-release member saw from the first one. Ali is rough and she is tough and she has the perfect nipples that scream to be tortured. However it was Ali who did the screaming as Matt to her to task and again rendered her into a brutalized mass of hurt.


Having just received her new high heel shoes from an online purchase Ali is trying them out when Matt strolls in and immediately sets upon her for such a foolish purchase. Knowing that Matt just bought his new guitar online Ali sasses back at him and the battle begins as Matt pulls Ali down off her heels and onto the floor where she managed to pin him down and humiliates him verbally and physically by twisting his nipples. Not a good move when your own nipples are large targets of their own!! Matt over powers Ali and renders her unconscious with a sleeper hold.

He proceeds to tie her up as he has special plans for Ali. After she taunted and humiliated him, he's looking to repay the favour ten-fold. Nothing hurts more than being mauled and not able to bring your hands up to fend off your attacker. Matt prepares Ali for the punishment soon to be meted out to her. The ice cubes he brings out aren't to soothe her pain.

Ali couldn't bear the pain inflicted on her poor devastated breasts and nipples and she eventually loses consciousness after 15 minutes of abuse. Matt takes this opportunity to reposition Ali with special knots and once again prepares his hapless victim for some more of cruel his cruel handy work.

Matt once again awakens Ali with a slam to the belly and she can't believe how vulnerable she now finds herself in front of Matt. Spread eagle on the floor and stretched out she is in for a long afternoon of punishment for her earlier attempts to humiliate Matt. Who's laughing now?!

Battered and abused, Ali's ordeal doesn't come quickly to her before Matt finishes her off. Bruised and unconscious again, Ali will learn her lesson not to taunt other people. Too bad she had to learn the hard way.


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