LF004 Music Mayhem
Featuring Alicia vs Jenn

Alicia certainly gets around and the requests to see this petite gal put the boots to bigger women keep coming in. This is all fine by her. For our fourth video, Alicia invites her friend Jenn over for a visit and while Alicia is getting their snacks ready, Jenn peruses Alicia's music collection and decides she wants to listen to her fav singer, Pink! Unfortunately for Jenn, Alicia can't stand Pink! and would rather listen to Madonna, her fav singer. It doesn't take long before the heated arguement break down into an all our war between these two vicicous women, all over music.

This match is a belly punching, hair pulling and breast-nipple torturing fans' delight!
40 minutes of brutal fast action paced fighting!

Jenn stand a solid 5'6" and 135 lbs compared to Alicia's small 4'7" and 100 lbs frame. She figures she can easily push around, and if need be, smack around the little bitch if it becomes nesssecary. It's obvious Jenn is not aware of Alicia's reputation as a fighter.

Alicia manages to easily womanhandle Jenn around the room, tossing her about from side to side with brutal belly punches and hair pulls. Jenn tries to recover and defend herself but Alicia is on her like white on rice.

Wrapping herself around Jenn like a cheap turleneck sweater, Alicia rips off her opponent's denim shirt and starts to work on her tender assets, soliciting howls and curses from Jenn.

No sooner does Jenn manage to toss Alicia off of her, that the terror resumes the attack and tosses down the taller Jenn to the floor where she is mounted and her arms pinned under Alicia. Cruelly exposed, Jenn suffers humiliating breast and nipple torture.

Try as she may, Jenn can't readily break free from Alicia's vice like grips as her nipples are twisted and tortured.

Just like a cat playing with a mouse, Alicia is able to position Jenn just the way she likes it so she can assault the poor victim's assets.

Over and over poor Jenn suffers brutal and devastating punches to the chest and abs. Her brutalised breasts and nipples can't take more of this insane beating.

The hair! Both women go for roots when yanking away at each other to try to get the advantage. Alicia knows quite a few tricks up her sleeve and doesn't hesitate to use them to her advantage to make poor Jenn suffer.

With Alicia sitting on her chest, Jenn gets a lucky break and is able to reach up and pull Alicia back by pulling her hair. Alicia rolls back lest she loses a chunk of scalp but quickly recovers and continues the assault.

Hooked and trapped, Jenn endures more brutalisation under Alicia's hands.

Furious that she was put in such harm's way and was made to suffer for nothing, and after beating her opponent senseless, Alicia takes out the rest of her frustrations out on the hapless camera man with several punches and solid foot stomps before storming out of the apt.



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