LF005 "Go to Sleep, Bitch!"
Featuring Alicia and Jenn

As you can imagine, the title implies another set of rounds of Alicia's infamous Sleeper Holds on Jenn. After it was discovered that Jenn is easily put out by a well applied sleeper hold, Alicia started to call Jenn the "PassOut Queen" which doesn't sit well with the young lady. Revenge shall be hers, and how!

40 minutes of brutal back and forth catfighting, breast mauling, crotch crunching, ear ringing face slaps, tears in your eyes hair pulls and belly punching. Oh yes, and an added fan request feature: The Bar Stool!! You have to see this one to believe it.

Alicia is an accomplished pugilist with or without gloves on so it's not surprising that she takes up Jenn's challenge to swing some leather. Jenn is still stinging from her last defeat so she's looking to put some hurt on her tiny adversary.

Though Jenn gets a few tags in, Alicia's small stature doesn't slow her down as she torments Jenn with some well placed jabs and shots to the head and body. She's tiny and she's fast and she hits hard! Jenn finally looses the bubble and drops her gloves to tackle Alicia to the floor where she hopes to bring on some hurt to her opponent.

As usual, Alicia is tougher than she looks as she easily counters Jenn's attacks and brings on some painful holds and breast claws to her larger opponent. However, Jenn gets luck and manages to choke out Alicia. Once her tormtor is out cold, Jenn sets up her wicked plan to brutalize and torture her hapless victim, with the bar stool!

Draped across the top of the stool, almost cracking her spine and tying down Alicia's arms and legs, Jenn sets upon her victim to extract her revenge. Jenn wastes no time as she brutalizes her victim with breast mauling which solicits howls of pain from Alicia.

Trapped and unable to free herself, Alicia suffers all kinds of vicious attacks from Jenn. This battle has now crossed the line and Alicia is furious. When Jenn doesn't notice Alicia has one foot free, she receives a shin to the crotch that drops her like a rock. Alicia struggles to get free while Jenn is writhing on the floor in dire pain. Revenge shall be hers, says Alicia. Poor Jenn.

Like a crazed woman, Alicia attacks her foe with furor and doesn't let up. No pity for this bitch. If she thought Alicia was mean and brutal in their last encounter, she ain't seen nuttin yet, baybee.

Jenn's ample breasts and sensitive nipples are always prime targets for Alicia to attack, which she doesn't waste an opportunity to remind Jenn of her audacity to have crossed the line earlier.

Desperate to get out of her attacker's grip, Jenn rips away at Alicia's hair and tries to get the advantage and in hopes either make her submit or put her out but she's hopelessly outmatched.

Alicia doesn't give a damn if she's hurting her opponent, she revels in her ability to make Jenn scream in pain as she continues her torture. Alicia manages to lock down a solid sleeper hold on poor Jenn who mercilessly passes out for the ending of the match. But Alicia is not satisfied, she comes back, bitch slaps Jenn awake and goes another round with the insolent bitch.

Caught by surprise, Alicia ends up on the receiving end for some of Jenn's last ditch efforts to try to put this vicious vixen out of her way for good. She can get her into the holds but can't hold it long as the more experienced Alicia manages to roll out and return the favour onto Jenn ten-fold.

Desperate to end the match, Jenn resorts to dirty tactics when she pins down Alicia and mauls her crotch making her scream in pain. We'd like to say this match has a happy ending but hey, this ain't a sunday walk in the park!


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