Alicia squares off with the happy faced Sunny in LF007 "Beat THAT Bet!"

Sunny is the kind of gal men like to look at and women love to hate. She's so gorgeous and sweet and innocent and cheerful and.. well.. it sickens a lot of people. Everything always goes her way and she loves life and life loves Sunny. Alicia simply can't stand the attention Sunny gets when she feels it's not earned. So she was highly interested to hear that Sunny had been boasting that she could easily take on the little feisty gal from the East Coast. Too bad Sunny hadn't done her homework because she's soon to learn the lesson of a life time!

30 minutes of the most brutal, bloodiest and plain down-right beat down we've ever seen around here. This video is NOT for the faint at heart or the squeamish. You've been warned. Since everyone already knows how ferocious Alicia is and well, how not ferocious Sunny is, it's not much of a secret who gets massacred at the end of this video. Fast paced and constant hard hitting action that will leave you breathless and still wanting for more.. but hey, she took enough of a beating.. let her heal up before we start again, ok?

When Sunny shows up at Alicia's apt she discovers that mats are being installed. When asked why, Alicia responds that she's heard of Sunny's bragging and that the mats are there to cushion her fall when Alicia knocks her down! Soon, a bet is made that Alicia can knock Sunny on her ass in 10 punches or less. If she succeeds, she wins Sunny's car. If she doesn't, Sunny gets Alicia's new Harley. Tough babes, tough wager!

At first Sunny manages to stand to Alicia's drilling punches but she quickly realizes that no matter how small Alicia is, this bitch can punch like a pro and with those little fists punching your belly button into your spine, it freaking well hurts! Ut oh..

Alicia gloats and enjoys herself in the knowledge that Sunny's car will soon be hers with the next punch. Sunny suddenly realizes that she is going to lose her car and there's nothing she can do about it, especially when her abs hurt so much from the previous punches...

Knowing she's going to lose, Sunny lashes out and cheap-shots Alicia which stuns the little fighter. Sunny groggily gets to her feet and gets on top of Alicia and starts to berate her for not being so tough as she punches Alicia in the face with a closed fist! Sunny draws first blood!

Still dazed but struggling to fight back after the initial sneaky cheating attack, Alicia suffers under Sunny's larger size and hard punches. Alicia's lip already starts to swell as the blood pools inside her mouth.

Barely able to defend herself, Alicia is subjected to more taunts and punishing bare knuckle punches to the cheek with telling effect.

Sunny enjoys her moment as she's so cocky she actually thinks she's going to go home with Alicia's Harley and the bragging right of having kicked Alicia's ass!

Sizing her opponent up for a killer crack to the jaw, Sunny cocks locks and unloads several brain jarring face punches before sending Alicia crashing to the mat after a solid left cross to the face with a closed fist.

And eye for an and a tooth for a tooth.. Or something like that. Needless to say, Alicia is not impressed to be spitting out blood and is even less impressed to spit out her tooth after the last punch. She's getting close to the boiling point now..

Not being too careful, Sunny is suckered into complacency as she straddles Alicia who drills her fist hard against Sunny crotch, soliciting a screech and an explosion of pain as her womanhood is assaulted with such fury!

Punched in the head and face, kicked in the crotch and belly, Sunny is down and hurt and very stunned. If she had any unrattled brain cells left, she would have sensed her own impending doom.

Knowing her victim is dazed and lost, Alicia systematically tortures Sunny's body with precision and prejudice. She targets the tall blond's kidneys, chest, gluttes and belly with sharp pointed knuckle punches.

Eventually Alicia's hands get sore from slamming them into Sunny's skull so many times that she now starts to put the boots to the poor defenseless gal. Sharp toed kicks to the bread basket leaves Sunny gasping for air as she struggles to keep conscious.

Dazed and unable to defend herself, Sunny can't stop Alicia from squeezing her wind pipe with her powerful toes. So much power in those toes that she could conceivably crush her larynx!

Bringing Sunny up to her level, Alicia measures up her opponent and drops more feet, knees and fists to her wrecked and bloodied body. Soon this has to end.. it has to.. no? NO! Not yet, Alicia isn't finished with this bitch!

Brutalized, assaulted, beaten and plain beaten, poor Sunny can barely even move, she's in that much pain. Her brain doesn't register the immense hurt she's in, which is probably a good thing for right now..

Kicked and punched, stomped and cruelly tortured, Sunny can barely move as Alicia picks her apart, piece by piece. The worse thing Sunny did that day was be Sunny.. she's paying for it now.

Bruised and bloodied, Sunny is barely coherent as Alicia enjoys herself at Sunny's expense.

What a mess!! This is not a video for the weak at heart or squeamish.. at all.

Alicia can be brutally cruel as she demonstrates a proper leg spread kick to the crotch on Sunny... That one registered on Sunny's numbed brain. It's a small foot so more pressure impacts the tender flesh...

After nailing Sunny across the skull and feeling her hands tingle, Alicia switches to her preferred 'kick the bitch' mode of fighting. Good thing she wasn't wearing her steel toed work boots. She would have used them, no fear there of that!

Down and out of it, Sunny can barely move to breathe, her body is so brutally wrecked and fucked up. Alicia doesn't let up however and delivered repeated kicks and punches to Sunny's body.

Measuring her victim for one last time, Alicia delivers such a devastating punch to Sunny's face that blood flies and splatters the adjacent wall..

Mercifully, Sunny goes down for the count and STAYS down..


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