Alicia brutalizes Damien in "LF008 Beat Boy"

We put the tender out for our own "Beat Boy" and Damien answered the call. He was quite excited to be called up for the interview and trial and he almost broke out laughing when he saw who he'd have to demonstrate his skills to. He SHOULD have checked out the site first because I don't think he realized who Alicia is and what she can do. Needless to say, Damien took it in stride when wrestling with Alicia but unfortunately he got too cocky and lewd, grabbed Alicia's breast and well, you know what they say.. You only live once. Damien took the wildest ass kicking on this side of the Rockies (and we're on the East Coast!). When she's got him so stunned, she tosses him the boxing gloves and pounds away at him until he drops like a rock, not just once, but several times. The Beat Boy gets the Beat Down! And he declined to work for another video after this.. Cheeky or what?! or smart?

35 minutes of devastating scissors, brutal chest thumping punches, ball busting (ouch)! and some boxing tossed in to round out his education. Alicia completely unloads on the poor guy and completely dominates him through this match.

Alicia meets Damien for the first time and isn't too impressed with the fodder offered her for this video.. you know how she really like a challenge..

Once the action gets started however, Alicia starts to appreciate his abilities to 'rassle' around some. Not very skilled she lets him have a roll or two to see what he can come up with..

But all fun comes to an end eventual and Alicia starts to show the prospective Beat Boy a thing or two with some good head locks and scissors..

A little careless, Alicia finds herself in a predicament when Damien manages to ride on top of her, pinning Alicia down.. Ooooh she doesn't like this one at all!!

Squaring off once again, Damien and Alicia prepare to lock up.. I wouldn't say they are evenly matched, oh gosh, not ever close, but if you have seen Alicia before, you know she's being kind to the young fella.

Nothing says I rule like a brutaly applied hammer lock and face-plant..

Damien manages to flip out Alicia when tries to aplly a punishing hold.. once is enough thank you kindly!!

Ok, now the game is getting serious and Damien finds himself on the hurting end of the stick real quick as Alicia puts the grind on him.

Desperate to get this fiesty little wolverine off his ass, Damien gets nasty and starts to get into Alicia's face and struggles to break free but she's damn strong..

There ya go... just have to wait for an opening and then you can dictate the pace of the match as long as you can stay on top of her.. but hey, one slip and you're in trouble.. BIG trouble.

Speaking of trouble.. did we forget to mention to Damien never ever touch Alicia's breasts in a mixed match? OOPS! Like tripping a trigger, Alicia explodes and unloads on the poor Damien. I hope his Health Care is paid up!! OUCH!

Enough bullshit she says, enough.. time to get nasty and drop the hammer on this creep. Twisting and yanking and torturing her opponent, Alicia shows Damien why it's impolite to touch a woman's breast when uninvited..

Locking his arms back, Alicia drops rock hard punches to this poor guy's abs and chest, and back and crotch. Aww c'mon, have a heart!! not the crotch! Like all Ladyfist videos, the thuds and smacks are not sound effects.. it's fist to bone and flesh. Alicia knows where to hit and how to hurt people. Ask Damien!

What do you do when your fists get tired from pounding thick skull? Use your feet of course.. !

Even on the soft stuff like the pills, a good swift kick will often remind an offender what he did wrong.. but I think that this point Damien can't even remember what province he's in!

Prolly worse than getting nailed in the sac is getting nailed in the sac and not being able to see it coming so you can prep for it. Geeus, this is brutal!

Ok OK OK!! Enough already.. there oughta be an unwritten OR written rule somewhere that states how many nut crackers you can deliver before enough is enough, right? Geesus and this guy can now sing soprano very well..

Not that she needs him to be weak to kick his ass at boxing, Alicia decides to toss him the gloves and let him saddle up for some leathering whup-ass. Damien actualy though he might have a chance at this one..

It didn't take him long to realise that he was dead wrong.. Can you even realise anything with a concusion? His eyes are rolling to the back of his head at how many times Alicia clocked him with solid punches..

Alicia hit him with so many rights, he was BEGGING for a left. She ht him so hard, his great great granchildren will be born with bruises.. she hit him so hard.. well you get the picture. This was nothing more than a brutal beat down of some poor unsuspecting guy who though he could handle a little girl...

Plaintively crying "I don't wanna be the beat boy, no.. not me..." Damien decides to pass up on the job.. I think he forgot that when he signed the release forms that it also stated he was signing up for a few more vids. What do you think, should we keep to the contract? The other gals all want a crack at him.. ouch


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