Salem Challenges Alicia in "LF009 Triple Threat"

This is video is only 20 minutes long but it's one of the most action packed, hardest hitting and wildest videos out there as both gals request full contact hitting (no closed fists to the face) and to stop only when one quits or submits. Starting off with the dreaded "Bitch Slapping" session, both women face off facing each other and trading the hardest slap, one for one. Stinging cheeks, they trade blows until finally they push off and go for the 16 oz gloves. I've seen boxing videos where the gals toss the gloves around like marshmallows. But these two freaks wail away full force and each score a few knock downs. Alicia is completely surprised when she's knocked down a few times. But not as surprised as Salem gets hammered in more ways than one!

You're going to love the power moves Alicia puts Salem through. Stuff that brings tears of appreciation to femfight fan's eyes. With gloves on, Alicia hoists the unsuspecting Salem up and across her shoulders, holds her there with one arm and hammers away at her taut belly with the other gloved hand. WOW. You've got to see this one! Dazed, Salem retaliates but it's only a matter of time before Alicia wears her down. A little annoyed at Salem, Alicia continues her barrage of hits and holds, determined to make this feisty bitch submit. Sleepers and scissors weaken her opponent. Having injured her shoulder but refusing to stop fighting, Alicia resorts to kicking the hell out of the taller dazed woman's abs and ribs, trying to make her quit. Eventually the fight had to end when it deemed safer to call it a draw when Salem hurt her rib on Alicia's foot.

20 minutes of the most intense bitch slapping, full contact boxing, and plain old nastiness as Salem and Alicia unload on each other trying to make the other submit. Though no clear winner in the match due to the early stoppage, we're going to have to wait and find out if we're to have a rematch after both fighters heal up a bit. The competition is fierce between these two. Salem stands the best chance to unseat Alicia for the title of Ladyfist's Toughest Bitch title.

Confronting each other for the first time, the fight options are offered, Salem suggest they do all three; Bitch Slapping One for One, Boxing and then catfighting. Full contact except no punching to the face with bare fists.

This session called Bitch Slapping One for One is a popular Maritime Drinking party game. But these gals are sober and determined to bitch slap her opponent into submission. The name of the game is to hit her hard enough to intimidate her not to hit you back as hard so you don't retaliate as hard. Complicated? No, just swing hard and be tough enough to take it on the cheek...

Back and forth this game goes, hammering away at your opponent with tremendous cheek bruising face slaps. Both women wail away at each other trying to injure her enough to make her quit.

After a wild machine gun staccato like bout of face slapping, both gals separate and realize that this is not going to be a walk in the park. Salem hisses away at Alicia to demonstrate she is NOT intimidated by this wild woman.

Next the two combatants lace up the 16 oz gloves and have it with their fists. Sure, the fists are padded but they connect it's still enough to ring your bell hard enough your grandchildren will feel it. Alicia gets quite a few solid hits in on Salem who unfortunately thought her longer reach and height advantage would let her nail the little bitch with little effort. She should have practiced more.

However, Salem does get lucky and plants a few solid hits on Alicia square in between the eyes amongst the lookers. Good solid combinations mark this one as one of the more furious leather swinging smacking hitting boxing scenes going.

Salem should have ducked instead of deeked and get nailed with a solid left by Alicia. Staggering back, Salem comes back swinging hard and takes a few more hits from the 4'7" Alicia. The hits are solid and the leather unforgiving as both women hammer away at each other..

Being a smaller target to hit allows Alicia to close the gap, cover up and come out swinging and tagging her opponent time and time again. Salem can't seem to manage the little terror but wails away as furiously as she can in hopes of connecting a solid hit on Alicia to back her off.

Tagging her taller opponent time and time again, Alicia goes in for the kill but the tenacious Salem refuses to stay down every time she's beaten down.

Finally, Salem manages to get a quick hit which floors Alicia. Salem quickly mounts her stunned opponent and hammers away at her with rights and lefts. Alicia covers up to ward off the hammer blows and manages to kick off Salem.. Oooh now she's getting pissed. You thought she was mad before? Look out!

Alicia yanks Salem up by the hair and front head scissors her. We had no idea what she would do next but were totally blown away when she reached forward, grabbed her weakened foe by the waist and hoisted up on a shoulder back breaker.. balanced her with one arm and hammered away at her belly with the other gloved fist!! Salem was shocked and stunned at this one. So were we!!

Still in shock from her brutal back breaker, Salem recoups her wits in a desperate last attempt to hammer down Alicia with a solid kick to the ribs. Alicia is rolled over and tries to get up and retaliate but is repeatedly kicked by Salem. Good things don't last long because the more you hurt Alicia the more you piss her off.. and that's not a good thing.

Pinning Salem's gloved hands back, Alicia brutalizes her bruised victim's six pack abs and chest, soliciting howling screams. This is where Alicia loves her work. Give her a victim to freestyle punish and she's in her glory. Good for us, bad for Salem.. very bad for Salem!

Alicia shoulder really started to bother her but she refused to stop fighting.. risking further injury and the risk of having her shoulder used against her, she continues battering away at Salem with her feet. Sharp rapid kicks to the short ribs weaken and hurt Salem but even SHE refuses to give up the fight.

With her ribs already battered and raw from repeated punching and kicking, Salem now suffers under Alicia's brutal scissors. Catching Salem high on the ribs, Alicia cranks on the pressure, trying to either make her opponent give up or crack some ribs.. which ever comes first, she doesn't care either way.

With her opponent now completely at her mercy, Alicia toys with her by applying a spine cracking Bosten Crab, a sleeper hold from which she spits water on her broken opponent to revive her, and that fails, she sits on Salem and abuses her breasts and nipples. At this point, Salem can barely offer any resistance but still refuses give it up to Alicia.

We stopped the match here as we realized that no one was going to quit and Salem was in distress with damaged ribs. Alicia was graceful enough not to give her a parting kick to the ribs for the effort.

Though there wasn't a declared winner due to their injuries, I have to give this one to Alicia since she's the only one still standing at the end of the match. We're hoping Salem's ribs heal up fast enough for a rematch. That is, if she's brave enough to face the East Coast Terror, Alicia again!


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