Alicia faces off with Jade again in "LF010 The Bigger They Are.. "

It never fails.. whenever one gals injured the others come out sniffing for blood. Alicia has been holding up her own against the other girls but she's having a hard time with her injured shoulder. Jade, who at 5'9" 280 lbs still feels the sting of having her ass kicked by the diminutive but ferocious 4'7" 105 lbs Alicia, want her revenge. And knowing that Alicia never backs down from a challenge, calls her out for a rematch from the LF003 encounter. Jade figures this will be a walk over and easily won battle with the less than 100% Alicia. How wrong could she be.. Never but never corner a wounded Wolverine, especially a psycho bitch called Alicia.

People have been asking for a rematch between these two serious fighters. Seeing the size difference is amazing. This doesn't bother Alicia at all because you know how the saying goes; "The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall"and Alicia is all set to make sure that this big bitch stays down good!

We're getting the idea that Alicia is getting sick and tired of being challenged all time. She seems to try to make a point of it with Jade.. You wanna challenge me? Bring it on bitch!

Their battle starts off with Alicia attacking Jade before she can get off the sofa. The trick of fighting a larger person is to keep them off their feet so they can't use their height advantage against you. However, if they get a hold of you then it's all another game!

Jade punishes Alicia with hard hitting punches to her belly and back. She knows she has to hurt Alicia hard and fast to get any chance of survival in this match up. Yanking her hair to hold her head back Jade traps her victim allowing her brutalize Alicia's belly.

Never one to give it up without a fight, Alicia manages to break free and knee Jade hard into the face, drawing first blood. With her face smarting, Jade tries to cover up but ends up with Alicia standing on her head. No respect at all for her foe, Alicia brings it all to Jade and then some!

Using her size advantage and big arms to trap her smaller victim, Jade crushes Alicia's breasts in her powerful hands causing the little gal to scream out in howling pain. Neck nerve pinches and punches to the abs start to weaken the ferocious feline.

If you take the air from your opponent you weaken them quickly. Jade uses Alicia's own hair to smother her, or covers Alicia's face with her large forearm causing her victim to gasp for air when the hold is broken. Someone is in trouble!

Digging her nails deep into Alicia's inner thighs, Jade looks to punish and brutalize her smaller victim. I don't think we've ever heard Alicia scream in pain as much as in this video. Jade certainly wants her revenge on Alicia and it looks like she's getting her wish!

Smelling victory and feeling mean, Jade brutalizes poor Alicia's left breast and nipple. Poor gal screams in terrible pain as Jade crunches down on her nipple. Alicia manages to roll off and get away for a sec..


Incredibly, Jade managed to cause Alicia's nipple to bleed from the terrible punishment inflicted. "holy shit, I didn't know you could do that" mocks Jade to Alicia's stunned shock as she examines the damage done to her lovely breast and nipple. However, she calmly puts her hair up in a pony tail to keep her hair out of her face... Girlie has some work to do.. She's gonna get her some Ass Kicking done on Jade. PAYBACK!!

Like an enraged woman (well she is!) Alicia attacks Jade with fierce brutality and gusto. Several punches to the head followed up by hard knees to the skull is just the begriming of what Alicia has in store for her larger opponent.

"You fucking bitch" pleads Jade after being bloodied once again.. Nothing pleases Alicia more than to see her victims all fucked up and bleeding. Instead of getting sympathy from Alicia, all Jade has done was fire up her opponent for more ass kicking.

Alicia makes it known that she's sick and tired of being challenged all the time. Though with a sore shoulder (from her encounter with Salem not long before this match) she valiantly fights the large Jade. Slapping on another sleeper hold after smothering her, Alicia asks "How do you spell Psycho Bitch?! A-L-I-C-I-A !"


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