LF011 Anything Goes
Salem gets the beat down of a life time by Jenn
(Custom Video)

We do a lot of custom request videos here at Ladyfist.com and this request was by far the most extreme we've ever encountered. It's bloody, it's brutal and it's of a subject matter that a lot of people are squeamish about. Hence why we put it behind the warnings. We know a lot of people are simply going to be curious to see if we're just over-hyping this video to get attention, but from past experience of other like-videos, I thought it be best to take these steps. This is 40 minutes of the meanest crotch kicking torture video seen in a while..

Salem confronts Jenn about the bullshit of Jenn dicking around with Salem's man. This is not something Salem is going to tolerate so she's calling the bigger gal out for an all out fight to the finish to establish WHO is the toughest bitch of them all.

Accepting her challenge, Jenn casually inquires if "anything goes" applies to this fight. Being a little green to pick up on this one, Salem is so furious and wants to rip her foes heart out so bad she'll agree to what ever to get the fight started. Jenn once again reiterates: "Ok, you said it, anything goes" and kicks the slender blonde straight up in the crotch, between the legs. Stunned and in shock, Salem can barely answer the call when Jenn takes Salem's arms out to the side and says, "Remember, you said ANYTHING goes!" and nails her hard up once again to the crotch, dropping the already battered Salem.

Jenn has her opponent just where she wants her. Down and in immense pain. Jenn is like a crazed woman on a mission, to destroy Salem's womanhood and to make her suffer for her stupidity of having challenged her in the first place. Stupid woman, what was the blond babe thinking?!

Dazed and confused by repeated hard kicks to the crotch, Salem can barely catch her breath as Jenn viciously and cruelly attacks and hammers away at poor Salem's crotch with powerful kicks of such force as to bounce her hapless victim.

Nearly insane with over powering pain, Salem has no choice but to submit.. She screams out her submission over and over to her foe. But the deep stark reality of her horror is finally sinking in: Jenn isn't looking to simply beat Salem into submission, she's looking to destroy and punish the beautiful blonde babe. Submit? Forget it.. SUFFER!

Heel stomps, toe drives, mauling, knee and elbow drops to the crotch are all Salem has to look forward to in her moment of terror. She can barely defend herself or cover up as Jenn maniacally attacks poor Salem's tortured and battered pussy. Salem's still tries to submit, her wails of pain are heart wrenching..

Jenn is however not totally cruel and without compassion, she figures she should let Salem catch her breath and recuperate a little. It wouldn't do Salem any good if she were to pass out from the brutal beating and not be able to be awake for any more of Jenn's special treatment, now would it? How sweet of Jenn.

Deciding to test out Salem's back, Jenn straddles her back and camel clutches her to inflict more punishment to her already wrecked body. What's a little more pain and suffering when your crotch is all but kicked out from beneath you? Jenn gets a good stretch on Salem's taut lean body as she leans back, waaaay back. Screaming all she can, Salem's submission falls on deaf ears. Jenn is simply enjoying herself too much.

Poor pain wracked Salem has barely a moment's rest when Jenn pulls her up to her feet and presses her up to the wall where she continues her special treatment. Punches to the belly and chest soften up Salem but it's nothing compared to the repeated knees to Salem battered and bruised crotch. Salem has been hit so many times to the crotch that the inevitable happens, she starts to bleed from her wounds. This only fuels Jenn's eagerness to brutalize and destroy Salem's womanhood.

Sobbing uncontrollably and in such pain, Salem crumples to the floor after such incredible torture.. Internal damages to her body from Jenn ceaseless kicks and attacks cause her to bleed from the crotch and mouth. "No more" she wails, "I give up, I submit" simply are ignored by Jenn who revels in the damage she's inflicted on her hated foe. Poor Salem, the end isn't even near yet for her.

With no where to go, Salem is propped up against the wall and Jenn repeated and furiously kicks at Salem's bloodied and battered pussy for all she's worth. Poor Salem can barely catch her breath as her womanhood is beaten out of her, almost literally! The blood flows profusely from her wounds, external and internal. When she flops over onto the map as Jenn stalks her victim, copious amounts of blood pour from Salem's mouth from her injuries. Jenn simply marvels at her handiwork as she continues to tear this poor hapless girl apart, kick by brutal kick..

Knowing her foe is all but useless and battered, Jenn takes her time and continues to punish, batter and brutalize her victim. She tosses poor Salem into another incredible camel clutch and leans back, waaay back, sadistically torturing her defenseless and tortured victim. Jenn is enjoying her work. She shows her sadistic and cruel side as she picks her victim apart.

Almost out, Salem's body convulses from the brutality inflicted on her poor body by Jenn. Blood flows freely from her battered pussy which suffered immensely from repeated and brutal kicking by Jenn.

Unable to respond to the call, Salem is rag-dolled by Jenn as she is humiliated by the victor. Bloodied, bruised and helpless, she can only hope that Jenn tires herself out so the nightmare can end.

Barely conscious, Salem's tortured body convulses as she sobs uncontrollably, probably realizing the punishment she took by Jenn has her ruined for life. She's tough but man, c'mon, how much beating can you take and still crawl away?


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