LF012 Triple Play
Our first multi-match video featuring Delyte vs Velvet, Lexus vs Tigra and Tigra vs Velvet
in a 36 minute Video.

We do a lot of video work here at Ladyfist and some of our videos are too short to be a single video on their own so we decided to bundle up some of our shorter videos and make them available to offer our fans a wider variety of action and fighting women.


Velvet vs Delyte 14:30 minutes

The battle between these two women start with Delyte caught in Velvet's powerful scissors, getting the strength squeezed out of her. Arms pinned back and stretched, Delyte can't defend herself against Velvet's punches to the belly. But all that is good can't last forever as Delyte manages to break free and turn the tables on her foe.

Delyte traps Velvet in a reverse body scissors and proceeds to torment Velvet, making life miserable for her. Pulling her hair, stretching Velvet out, anything to show her who's the boss.. Folded back on her own legs ensures Velvet is trapped and helpless.

Delyte gets a good hold onto Velvet and clamps her hands over her opponent's mouth and suffocates her unconscious for the win. Poor Velvet is rag dolled and unable to respond to Delyte's torments.

When Velvet wakes up, she's not very happy about having been put out in such a humiliating manner. She's upset that the shoot was supposed to be fake but Delyte turned it real on her so she attacks Delyte and punches her lights out until blood is spewed onto the wall next to them and covers Velvet's fist as she beats on her foe.

Poor Delyte is pummeled to within an inch of her life, bruised, battered and bloodied. The unfortunate thing about the whole episode is that Velvet thinks the videographer had something to with it and she takes out the rest of her frustration on him and clocks him one, hard and drops him to the floor. Velvet storms off extremely mad. We know she's coming back.. hopefully not as mad..


Tigra vs Lexus 8 furiously wild minutes!

We finally got the two red heads matched up, Lexus at 5'9" figures she can easily take the 5'1" Tigra without breaking a sweat.. right? Wrong! She might be tiny, she might be small but what she lacks in height, Tigra makes up for it in fierceness, viciousness and pure meanness!

Suckered into the Bridge Contest and sucker punched in the gut by Tigra, Lexus is out for blood to seek revenge for Tigra's underhandness. The agree to trade shot for shot to the belly and quickly this match out gets out of hand as both women wail away at each other trying to make the other quit, submit or knockout with shots to the belly. This is a belly punching fans dream come true!

Facing each other while standing, they each toss fists to the other's belly and when one can't take it and collapses to the floor, she swings up to tag the other.

When one gal takes a brutal hit to the belly that doubles her over, her opponent comes in to console her wounded adversary but deviously sneaks in another devastating blow to the belly, compounding the other's already battered abs.

She's tiny and she's super fast, Tigra takes sniping runs and jabs at Lexus' belly when ever she can but Tigra gets tagged and drops to the floor as well. They eventually explode in a fury of fists flying back and forth as they each try to make the other submit.

The match is finally called to a close. These two gals gave it their all to see who had the toughest belly.. We might have to do this one again as I declared it a draw. What action!! Impressive. Good job, ladies!


Velvet vs Tigra 14 minutes

Ahh, here's Tigra again with a larger woman in her grasps (heck everyone is bigger than Tigra). Velvet got trapped in this Crucifix hold and tries in vain to break free but can't. To her chagrin, Velvet is subjected to the vicious Tigra's need to exert her superiority over Velvet, by means of belly punching.

Applying a crushing neck scissors on Velvet, Tigra hammers away at her foes' exposed belly. Unable to grab air in her lungs and her belly battered, Velvet is rendered unconscious and as limp as a rag doll. She's out for the count, folks.

After cussing Velvet out as she's waking up, Tigra slaps on a solid arm bar and tries to wrench her arm out. Every time Velvet tries to get up, she's rewarded with more arm twists and shoulder popping twists of the arm.

Tigra rules Velvet through this video and there's nothing the larger woman can do but hope to survive her ordeal. She knows she's been beat, and by a smaller woman. Something she won't soon forget!


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