Dakota vs Pierce in "Inherit This!" (Custom Video)

Young attractive Dakota faces a dilemma when she discovers that her lecherous sleaze ball brother Pierce had attempted to put a hit on her in hope of acquiring their parent's enormous inheritance for himself once she's gone. Her brother is quite the sleaze ball, having made advances on his beautiful sister in the past. But greed before sex drives his ambitions, unless he can get both.

Dakota hatches a plan where she uses his arrogance and perversion against him, luring him into her home where, scantily clad, she offers him a poisoned drink. Thinking she succeeded in doing away with him she calls her girlfriend to share the good news but unfortunately her plan failed.. either she didn't have enough poison in his drink or he didn't drink enough of it. When he wakes up and is still dazed, his hormones kick in and wants to have a go at his sister. What a leach! Desperate to be finally rid of her brother, Dakota now decides she might be able to smother him to death by sitting on his face. Dakota is innocent enough that she doesn't realize that this position is a huge turn on for her brother who thinks she's going to finally give him what he's been wanting for years. It isn't later that Pierce realizes to his horror that she's actually going to put him out of her misery and cant fight back...

40 minutes of smothering face sitting, crotch to face grinding video with a good plot which should appeal to many face sitting fans. This is Dakota's first video and secured her spot on the Ladyfist roster.

Having discussing with her girlfriend on the phone what to do about her arrogant and sleazy brother who tried to have her taken out, Dakota lures her lecherous brothers into a false sense of security by dressing up in sexy clothing and offering him a drink.. a drink laced with what she hopes is poisoned enough to put an end to her torment.

The ever present pervert brother leers at his gorgeous sister, commenting how gorgeous she is as they discuss their future and how the past should be put behind them now that perhaps they have a better appreciation of each other. We know he certainly appreciates what he sees! Blurry vision forewarns that something is not right before he collapses to the floor, unconscious.

As Dakota gleefully informs her girlfriend on the phone that their plan worked, Pierce stirs indicating to Dakota that no, something didn't go right and the letch is still alive and now, even hornier for her body. Dakota quickly devises a new plan and decides she's going to have to smother him to death and hope no traces of foul play are left. She's that desperate to be rid of her brother once and for all!

She manages to get on him and fight off his ever probing hands. Pierce puts up a good struggle, enjoying his view and having a blast groping the lovely Dakota as she frantically peels his hands off of her and tries to smother him out.

Dakota finally gets to the point where she finds the 'sweet spot' as to where to place her ass on his face and close her thighs to block his air path. Still fighting off his ass grabbing hands, she's desperate to try to bring this to an end but Pierce, not realizing her true plans is having the blast of his life!!

It's not until later (much later!!) that Pierce is fighting for air and suddenly realizes that his sister is really out to do him! His life in is danger as the gorgeous and sexy Dakota bears all her weight on his face, trying to smother him out. It's now that he's grabbing at her, not because he's a lecherous perv but a man fighting for his life!

Slowly but surely (you have to savour the good moments in life), Pierce weakens and Dakota crunches herself even more onto the near unconscious brother. His last gasps of air and his last view are of his sister, who finally manages to turn the tables over on her evil brother, after all these years of lewd and rude behavior. And she inherits all the money. No one would believe he died of 'face sitting', would they? Not innocent Dakota...


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