Lexus vs Dakota in LF015 Mud Flats Mayhem

LEXUS and DAKOTA find themselves out on the Bay of Fundy low tide mud flats taking a short cut to get to the new galmour photo shoot. They have to hurry across because the great Fundy tides are starting to come up again and around here, the tides reach an amazing 20 foot level. Dakota, being the practical gal doesn't mind getting her feet muddy to save time but high class model Lexus can't stand the ooey-gooey feeling of the mud between her toes and does nothing but non-stop complain about it, which quickly grows thin on Dakota's nerves.


It doesn't take long after the gals are out on the mud flats before Lexus' whining and complaining get on Dakota's nerves. The name calling and taunts come to a head when they try to toss each other down into the mud to get the other one dirty.

It's no big deal to Dakota to get down and dirty but to Lexus, it's like the most horrible thing to have happen to her.

On a bright sunny day, 65'F and 20 mph onshore breeze make for a bracing day, especially if you get wet. But it doesn't take long before both gals are down into the mud and the fight starts!

Lexus tries to hold her own against the smaller but tougher Dakota and she quickly finds out that the slippery mud is of more concern as she can't grip onto the the shorter gal or get a hand full of hair to bring her down.

Dakota manages to bring down Lexus to the mud and water and starts to torment and humiliate her with back breaking holds.


Pinned and trapped, Lexus can't escape from Dakota's scissors and has to endure having cold slimy mud smeared all over her body. Bad enough having your abs crushed between powerful thighs, but to suffer the humiliation of having nasty mud ground into your soft white skin is almost beyond words.

Lexus does manage to put up a fight, mind you. She gets a few good holds onto Dakota and get her dunked into the water but it's short lived. Dakota manages to drag her taller opponent out to deeper waters and tries to drown her in the cold frigid waters.

Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a near drowning. Lexus is left sputtering and gasping for air as the goobers trail from her nose from Dakota trying to drown her.


Weakened and disorientated from being roughed up, Lexus can barely hold her own as Dakota continues to toss her into the waters and try to drown her. Anything to make the bitch stop whining.

Once Dakota has Lexus exhausted, she drags her up to the water line again to get a proper scissor hold on her and try to crush her abs. The rising tides keep forcing them to head to higher grounds. I kid you not when I say the tides are fast and high around here..

Dakota does all she can to humiliate the prissy model Lexus by rubbing her face into the mud, grinding her hair into the mud, dragging her through the surf by the hair... anything to punish the tall babe.


Exhausted and unable to put up much resistance, Lexus suffers numerous cross knee back breakers and devastating blows to the belly. She tries to escape but Dakota always manages to drag her back up to the shore line where she continues to brutalize the red haired babe.

Nearly out of it, Lexus can't defend herself as Dakota routinely dunks her under water and tries to drown her. The hapless Lexus is so weak by now she can't escape her cruel attacker.

Dragged up to the shore line once again to escape the quickly rising tide, Lexus is subjected to more pain and suffering.. when will it end? Not soon enough for her.

Lucky for us, Dakota has a lot of pent up aggression to get rid of..


Brutally devastating cross body scissors nearly cripple Lexus and Dakota cranks on the pressure. Unable to get a full breath of air, Lexus is in deep trouble as Dakota mounts the crushing pressure on her already battered frame.

Not satisfied to simply beat her opponent, Dakota enjoys herself as she pins back Lexus' arms and assaults her chest and belly with fists and mud slaps and breast mauling.

Humiliating her opponent even more, Dakota stuffs mud in her bikini top, you know that's got to hurt when it rubs against the nipples. Dakota simply enjoys watching her beaten opponent suffer even more as she starts to shiver in the cold.

Dragging her bruised and battered foe out to deeper waters, Dakota gets her cleaned off, the hard way!


Her belly battered, her back brutalized, her skin rubbed raw from the mud, her hair thickened by mud and her whole body wracked with pain, Lexus is mercifully subjected to a finishing Sleeper Hold.

With total disregard for her victim, Dakota humiliates her one more time before flinging her face down into the water and walks away disgusted that she couldn't face a tougher opponent that this one.

What sucked more for Lexus is that she had to show up for the photo shoot later that day still showing raw skin from the mud being scrapped and rubbed against her beautiful soft skin.

This video, 40 minute long is a wet and messy wrestling (mud wrestling) fan delight. From start to finish, the action is non-stop and will leave you gasping for air! Poor Lexus suffered for this video.. Dakota made sure of it. She hopes you enjoy it, as usual.


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