Salem vs Alicia in LF016 REVENGE Match

It was a long time coming but it finally happened.. It's been a while since Salem and Alicia battled it out in their ill fated LF009 Triple Threat match where both of them suffered injuries and we couldn't continue the video to it's ultimate conclusion. We've been trying to get them together again but some injuries take longer to heal than other and finally, mid Oct both women decided enough was enough, it's time to settle this once and for all. We thought they should too! I suspect Salem's ribs still hurt as she's still sporting visible marks on her sides and Alicia is still favouring her sore shoulder. We thought perhaps they would take it a lot less violent than the last time because of that but no, what a wild and crazy fight this one turned out to be.

Squaring off facing each other, both women waste no time with petty words, they lunge at each other and right away start putting the hurt on one another.

Pretty much a see-saw battle at the beginning, each gal gets the advantage but quickly loses it as her opponent manages to pull a fast one to gain control over her hate foe. Salem gains the advantage right away and assaults Alicia's breasts and nipples. Not liking this one at all, Alicia manages to power Salem off and tackle her down and slam her legs around the slender foe.

Trapped in vise like scissors in Alicia's smaller but more powerful legs, Salem tries to break free but is hampered when Alicia assaults her breast and tortures her nipples. With her belly wide open in this position, Salem sufferers brutal shots to her rock hard abs and still sore ribs. Alicia is in her groove as she dominate her taller opponent and tortures her mercilessly.

Salem manages to roll Alicia off and get out of the crushing scissors but is weakened and can't stop the tiny terror from torturing her legs. Grinding her knees into Salem's right inner thigh, Alicia grabs Salem's left leg and tries to split the poor woman apart. Crazed with pain, Salem desperately tries to break free.

Salem manages to get Alicia into a front face lock and drive a few shots into her exposed ribs but the feisty Alicia turns the tables and drops a Bosten Crab on poor Salem. Leaning far back to add extra strain on her tortured back, Alicia cackles insults at her bruised foe. She turns the hold around and gets Salem trapped in another scissors which she knows weakens her opponent down as she fights to get air in her lungs.

Finally breaking free from Alicia python scissors with repeated and hard driven elbows to Alicia's belly, Salem makes an attempt to mount an offensive but is quickly dropped to her knees and gets her head jammed between Alicia's knees. With an amazing display of strength and disregard for her own injured shoulder, Alicia reaches down, grabs Salem by the waist and hoists her up and over into a brutal and torturous single shoulder back breaker. Salem howls and screams in agony as her spine is tortured and her belly muscles stretches out.

Alicia unceremoniously drops salem to the floor like a bag of rocks and drives a foot to her chest. Barely recovered from her last ordeal, Salem tries again to mount an offense but is quickly taken down by a nasty shot to the crotch which allows Alicia the advantage once again to torture Salem's arms this time. You'd think the girl was picking her opponent apart, piece by piece.

Thinking her hated foe is down and out, Alicia takes a moment to put her hair back but is struck down as Salem makes a desperate attempt to bring the hurt to her opponent. With a reverse headlock, Salem grapevines Alicia leaving her completely trapped. Even a vicious hair yanking doesn't break the hold but is merely rewarded with a brutal battering of her cruelly exposed belly. However, pulling out every trick out of her bag, Alicia resorts to biting on the forearm to get Salem to release the hold.

Alicia manages to get Salem face down, sits on her ass starts dropping fists in her butt cheeks, and knee drops to her thighs and claws her inner thighs, anything to brutalize her strong legs.

Salem manages to break free and trap Alicia in a reverse chin lock and drops huge elbow hits into her ribs to weaken her. Climbing on top of Alicia and pinning her arms down, Salem returns some breast and nipple torture to foe. Salem's pissed and she's looking for revenge but unfortunately, so is Alicia!

Grabbing Salem by her long thick luscious hair, Alicia shakes her opponent like a pit bull would a miniature poodle, she yanks Salem to her knees, clamps her head between her knees and hoists Salem up and over again for an upside down reverse bear hug to crush all the air out of Salem's body to weaken her. Though she's weakened, she's not out as she brings the war to Alicia and drops her knee into Alicia's spread legged crotch several times.

Battered and bruised and humiliated, Alicia circles around salem and head butts her in the chest which catches her by surprise. Alicia tosses her up on the sofa and batters her with fists and elbows. Dragging Salem to the floor, Alicia continues to brutalize her legs by stomping on the inner thighs once again.

Breaking apart so she catch her breath, Alicia is NOT impressed when Salem taunts her with gestures and suggestions and attacks Salem right away. Grabbing Salem by the thick hair, Alicia rams her head into Salem's, head butting her senseless. Alicia traps Salem in a brutal neck scissors to add to her pain and suffering.

Salem rallies around and makes her move to over power Alicia and catches her in a solid headlock. Try as she may, Alicia can't yank her foe off by pulling with all her might on the hair. She simply will not let go.

Salem turns the action around and brutalizes Alicia with a spine crushing Bosten Crab causing her smaller foe to scream in pain. Alicia manages to knock of her off balance and get her in a position where she can attack Salem's previous injury, Salem turns it around and gets on top of Alicia and assaults her breasts and nipples with telling effect. Salem is determined not only to win this match but to inflict as much damage and pain as she can on her hated opponent.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last long as Alicia gets the advantage once again and chokes out Salem which allows her to kneel on Salem's hands to pin her down and attacks her cruelly exposed chest and abs. Nipple twisted and belly punched, Salem is beside herself with pain.

Alicia doesn't just stop there, she steps on Salem's long gorgeous hair and yanks up on her arms, trying to separate her scalp from her skull.. Salem howls in horrible pain!

Alicia casually puts Salem into the dreaded cross body scissors and crushes as much of life out of Salem as she can. She senses that she has Salem on the ropes and just needs to finish her off once and for all. Salem tries to fight back but is hampered by Alicia's constant harassment of her breasts and nipples.

Feeling cocky and sure of her victory, Alicia releases her hold on Salem, flips her face down and grabs a foot and starts to assault her victim's toes and feet by biting into them, trying to pull her toes apart and snapping her toes (you might hear a pop or two!!) Salem is almost beside herself in great pain as Alicia's teeth dig into a nerve in her toe and she kicks off her antagonist with panicked fervor.

Knowing she's in the fight for her life, Salem attacks Alicia before she can get up and returns the favours to her feet. Snapping toes, spreading them, biting into the soles of Alicia's feet, Salem is like a crazed woman trying to seek revenge on her screaming opponent... Screams that fall on deaf ears as Salem continues to torture her enemy's feet.

Alicia throws off Salem and grabs her once again and hoists her up and over her should in another powerful and brutal back breaker. Alicia jumps up and down trying to cause Salem's spine to snap, knowing that the previous back breakers had telling effects, she hopes this one will finish the bitch off. To make her mark, Alicia bites right into Salem's arm pit where all the nerves and tendons gather causing huge pain to the trapped blonde. Goes to show how far the tiny terror will go to get the win!

Alicia throws down her victim and stands before her gloating but instead of a helpless victim before her, Alicia is greeted with a solid kick to the crotch by a desperate Salem. Bruised, battered and exhausted, Salem and Alicia reach out to each other and try to choke the life out of one another. Determined to get the win and confident that they can outlast the other, both women hang onto the other's throat until the bitter end..

The action is non-stop, the brutality is non-stop. This match is pretty well evenly matched and is sure to impress even the most of jaded femfighting fans!


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