LF018 Wee Women Beat Down
Two separate matches featuring Tigra vs Velvet and then Phiffer vs Jade.

We had a lot of request for one sided fight scenes where the petite women of Ladyfist face off against bigger opponents. Tigra got luck in some regards, drawing Velvet as her opponent, while unfortunate Phiffer got brutalized by none other than Jade.

This is our second of "short matches" video where we put a couple of various matches together on the one video for you to enjoy.


Tigra vs Velvet 9:00 minutes

In our first match, we start it off with Tigra caught up in Velvet's strong Crucifix scissor hold, trapping her in such a way that leaves the petite red head vulnerable to Velvet's cruel attacks.

Velvet remembers the cruel beat down she suffered from Tigra's vicious antics in previous videos so now is a perfect opportunity for some well deserved payback.

Try as she may, Tigra can't escape the pounding to her belly and ribs. She's tough and she's stronger than she looks but unfortunately, so is Velvet. Poor Tigra tries to twist and turn her way out of this one but every time it looks like she might actually bridge out of this hold, Velvet slams a huge fist or delivers and open hand slap to Tigra's bare belly, which drives the poor gal back down to the mat.

Velvet isn't just looking for a win or a submission.. she knows she can get that anytime. No, Velvet is out to torture her long time foe and let her know who's boss and teach Tigra a lesson she'll not soon forget. It's not enough to hear someone scream "I submit", you have to let them know you're superior to them. That's the rub.

Velvet manages to trap Tigra in a neck scissor and secures her arm up out of the way which allows Velvet to double up her torturous attacks on her hapless victim as she pops her a few good shots to the belly.

Finally feeling like she's exacted her full revenge on her foe, Velvet applies a full squeeze across Tigra's neck with her powerful legs to drop the little red head unconscious, out like a light. Long lingering neck scissors do the trick as Tigra gradually loses consciousness from Velvet's applied hold.


Phiffer vs Jade 18:00 minutes

Our second match is a brutal mismatch of unbelievable proportions! The 5'1" 107 lbs (soaking wet at that) Phiffer decides she can actually beat the BBW Jade. At 5'9" and 270 lbs, she can certainly hold her own against anyone and she's just NOT afraid of Phiffer.

Phiffer isn't stupid, she brings with her an 'equalizer' but unfortunately it backfires when Jade spots water dripping from what she had at first believed to be a gun! Phiffer brought a toy gun in hope of intimidating Jade into forfeiting the match but all she managed to do was infuriate Jade... and that's not a good thing..

Jade is given free reins to punish the insolent little Phiffer and of course, you know Jade is going to have her fun! Trapping poor Phiffer between her legs, Jade crushes Phiffer's body and pummels her body with brutal punches to the ribs and belly. Phiffer can't even get her arms around Jade's legs to defend herself. You know this is going to be a horrible beat down as Jade drops a leg across Phiffer's chest and then delivers a painful elbow shot to the chest.

Chest and belly aren't the only tender spots on the little gal while she's trapped in Jade's hold. Jade claws the inside of Phiffer's tender thighs and then delivers a damaging elbow shot to Phiffer's lower spine to weaken her down even more.

Not just happy just pounding on her smaller opponent, Jade adds to the punishment with a good arm smother. But don't let her pass out, then you can't play with her. When Phiffer makes a move to escape, it is suggested to Jade that she should 'hobble' her victim to keep her from running. Punches to the knees and thighs and leg locks make sure that Phiffer isn't going anywhere.

Jade goes for more pain as she driver her thumb deep into Phiffer's arm pit and jumbling up the nerves in the arm socket area. Ever had that done to you? It hurts like hell! And Phiffer lets us know how much by how much she screams in pain. However, Phiffer manages a slight comeback as she claws at Jade's breasts, bloodying them. It doesn't last for long as Jade takes control one again and brings more punches on poor Phiffer.

Jade crawls over Phiffer after a shoulder nerve pinch, and rests her whole weight on top of the petite woman. Slowly, with the air crushed out of her pain wracked body, Phiffer loses consciousness and turned into a rag doll. Just what Jade loves to play with.

Out like a light, Jade takes cheap shots at Phiffer's belly, knowing she can't even respond to the attack.. then hoists her up for a solid cross shoulder back breaker .. Phiffer is out like a light.. out!

She soon wakes up to find herself tied to the door with her arms trapped above her head and unable to defend herself as Jade cruelly and viciously assaults her poor tender and battered belly. Poor Phiffer, she might learn her lesson to keep away from Jade the next time, 'equalizer' or no equalizer. Weakened, battered and in pain, Phiffer can barely hold herself up as Jade enjoys herself at Phiffer's expense.

Not quite done with the insolent Phiffer, Jade continues the torturous affair with Phiffer tied down to a chair and laid out cruelly exposed to Jade's attacks.

Around here we have a saying; "Go big or stay home". Phiffer should have stayed home as Jade was too big for her to handle.


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