Tigra vs Jade and Roxxy in LF019 "I won't quit!!"

A lot of the Ladyfist fans have been clamoring for a Big Gal vs Small Gal battle and we decided to do it one better: Two big gals going after a small babe! A mismatch battle? You betcha!!

Tigra agrees to one more audition fight to secure her spot on the Ladyfist roster to prove to us all that she's as good and fearless a fighter as the next gal so she hastily agreed to the next fight to be against Jade. We're not sure why she thought Jade would turn out to be a small asian gal but she was in for the shock of her life when Jade DID appear. Tigra finally realized she was in the fight of her life, if not FOR her life with this one. If Tigra submits or quits the match, she goes home packing her bags and that would be the end of her here at Ladyfist.com. Luckily for us she's got heart and willingness to win.

This video is 37 minutes of the most mismatched battle ever..

Having been beaten in the past by both Dakota and Delyte, Tigra was given the ultimatum that if she loses this match or quits (submission), she loses her spot on the roster and go home. So you know this is a do or die mission for the feisty little Tigra.

Tigra shows up at Jade's home for this deciding match, though she's not met her opponent yet, nor did she bother to check the roster to see who Jade was. But from the decor of the room, Tigra erroneously concludes that Jade must be a tiny little asian gal and she can easily kick her ass.

And along comes Jade and to Tigra's horror and shock, the woman is three times her size! Barely able to grasp the situation, Tigra gives it all she's got knowing that to fail means dismissal and worse at the hands of Jade, who simply loves to beat on the little gals.

Jade quickly establishes her advantages over Tigra and beats her down to the mat, scissoring her looking for a quick finish to this grossly mismatched battle.

Facing another humiliating defeat once again, the desperate Tigra tries to defend herself but there is only so much she can do against a much larger opponent. This match is so unfair we were surprised she didn't give up then and there and go home anyway, but giver her props, Tigra stayed the course even though she was getting the shit kicking of her life.

But everyone has a breaking point and enough was enough, Tigra snaps and manages to get in a few good shots on the now surprised Jade who has a 100 lbs fury of fists pummeling away at her like a beehive gone wild.

With flying fists and hands full of Jade's hair, Tigra gets the larger woman down and covering up but to no avail, Tigra is on her like white on rice and tries for the choke hold to put her opponent down and out for the win.

It actually looks like Tigra might pull it off!!

Unfortunately, Jade's friend Roxxy comes to Jade's rescue and now the horrible truth is revealed to Tigra... If Jade and Roxxy can make Tigra submit or quit, Roxxy will take over Tigra's spot on the roster!!

Tigra vows that no matter what they do to her, she's NOT going to quit. Roxxy can't believe that such tiny little girl is so fearless, but that only means she's going to have to hurt the foolish red head even more. Who says you can't have fun at work! Pinned to the floor between the two gals, Tigra's outlook is grim.

Demonstrating her power and strength, Roxxy pulls Tigra up by the hair and hoists her up for a cross shoulder back breaker as Jade yanks on her hair at the same time. . The big gals take turns pummeling and beating on poor helpless Tigra. In spite of her perilous position, Tigra flails away in hopes of breaking away from the two sadistic women.

Scissored by Jade and pinned by Roxxy, Tigra is made to suffer like never before. Scream and howl as she may, Tigra can't break out and save herself but she's true to her word.. she's not going to quit!

If ever Tigra was in a tight spot, nothing can compare to this one. Roxxy and Jade toy with their tiny victim as Tigra is once again hoisted in a brutal cross shoulder back breaker. She's released from that hold to be cradle carried by Roxxy but is soon spine busted across Roxxy's knee for more brutal punishment.

If that wasn't enough, the two terrible babes decide to play tug of war on Tigra's hair, treating her like a little barbie doll they can play with.. "I know, after we pulled her barbie hair out, we can pull her barbie arm off too!" says the brutal gals.

But it even gets worse! Jade and Roxxy both scissor poor Tigra at the same time and beat on her poor battered little body, trying to make her quit thus relinquishing her ladyfist position to Roxxy. But no, Tigra endures and tries to survive the match, no matter what!

Call it brave, call it reckless, Tigra simply isn't going to quit!

Jade and Roxxy play 'victim in the middle' with their hapless little toy and Jade tells Roxxy that she heard say that if they choke her out, or make her pass out, that it would count as a win and Roxxy gets the job and Tigra goes home.

But Tigra has other desperate plans (like simply surviving this ordeal) and manages to land a good fist to Jade's face and breaks free.

Roxxy grabs onto the fleeing Tigra and applies her own smothering hold while Jade pounds away at poor Tigra's battered and bruised belly.

Not that they aren't enjoying themselves, Roxxy and Jade now double their efforts on destroying their new toy in their attempts to make her quit and give up her spot on the roster so that Roxxy can take it from her.

Not willing to give up easily, poor Tigra suffered unimaginable torture as the two brutal babes pound away at their hapless victim.

Each grabbing an arm and a leg, the two sadist babes swing out poor Tigra putting horrible pressure and pain on her lower back and shoulders.

Dropping Tigra to the floor, they put the barely conscious young woman in a brutal and cruel standing figure four leg lock and if that wasn't bad enough, Jade makes Tigra's situation worse with belly punches.

Why do it alone when two can do it better? Jade and Roxxy both pick up Tigra and cruelly drop her tender spine across their knees! Draped like an abused rag doll, Tigra is barely able to respond to her attackers calls for her to submit and quit. Smacks to the belly keep her from passing out, which at this point would be a blessing in disguise.

Tigra suffers more abuse at the hands of her evil tormentors, more hair pulls, being passed back and forth for bear hugs and finally, thank the heavens, her ordeal is over when she's put out with a sleeper hold smother.

Both Jade and Roxxy congratulate each other for finally putting Tigra out and winning the match and securing that coveted spot on the roster for Roxxy. Unfortunately, they are informed that they didn't actually make Tigra quite because she passed out.. it's not a quit or submission so it doesn't count.. right? Totally pissed off and angry to find out this latest bit of news, they attack the ideographer and are promised a rematch. The question is, will there be a rematch? Will Tigra have survived her wounds?

For fans of desperate one sided battles, especially battles where the odds are soooo horribly stacked against the victim are going to love this video. It's pure brutal mayhem..

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