Phiffer vs Angel in LF020 "Phiffer's Schooling"

We recently started a new section at Ladyfist where our Members can submit requests to see certain video clips put together. Phiffer and Angel were called up to get these clips done last weekend. Everything was going well until Phiffer decided to act it up and cause trouble. Everyone knows that at Ladyfist, we do things "realistic but not real", but something it's so realistic, we still get asked if it's real or not. Cool, that means we're doing our job.

However, on this particular day, our muscular fitness model Angel is being careful with her smaller opponent to make it look real and not cause Phiffer any real pain but Phiffer figures she can get away with some cheap shots on Angel. Warned about her lack of professionalism, Phiffer complains that Angel is being a pussy because of the size differences. When Phiffer doesn't change her ways and causes Angel real pain on a few moves, she soon regrets her lack of good judgment when the angry Angel decides it's time to send the little shit to school and show her exactly why we don't do things for real here at Ladyfist for our videos: Because 'real' hurts like a bitch!

Soon, Phiffer is screaming in pain as Angel puts full pressure on the holds and nails her for real in the abs and causes the little babe a lot pain and suffering to teach her a lesson. If you love one sided beat down videos with gorgeous women, you're going to truly love this one!

This video is 35 minutes of the more one sided brutality, one of our best!

Angel and Phiffer go over this week's Members' Clips Requests and see they have to do some great belly punching. Angel goes first, setting Phiffer up on the sofa, does a test shot and starts the 'show' where she's hammering away at Phiffer's belly as the smaller gal howls in pain for the show.

Then it's Phiffer's turn to beat on Angel's belly, but the mischievous smile on her face tells you she's up to something. She hammers away at Angel's rock hard six pack causing her a lot of discomfort. No matter how hard your abs are, it still hurts and Angel is not impressed at all, as she displays the red welts on her belly.

After they finished arguing about Phiffer's lack of experience at this, their next hold request asks for a solid camel clutch. Angel tests Phiffer's back before acting as if she's trying to snap spine, and Phiffer does her victim in dire pain role superbly for the camera.

But once again when it is time to change places, Phiffer's lays on the pressure and at first chokes Angel and then leans way back to hurt Angel's lower back.

Needless to say, Angel is not at all impressed at the prospect of getting hurt by Phiffer's lack of discipline in this game. Phiffer promises to be more careful... yeah right.

Next comes the request from a british fan asking for a Boston Crab. Angel is careful to make it look super cruel but safe on Phiffer.. but when it comes her turn to apply the hold on Angel, Phiffer grins as she applies crippling pressure on Angels lower back. The videographer has to break it up or see Angel get hurt for real.

Finally losing her cool, Angel grabs Phiffer by the hair and hauls her down to the mat and applies her python like thighs around Phiffer's rib cage and starts to squeeze.. "So you want to do it real eh? Let me show you WHY we do it realistic and not real, you bitch!!" as she cranks on the pressure on Phiffer who now starts to scream in horror as she feels her ribs bring crushed to almost the breaking point.. "She's hurting me for real!!" screams Phiffer but instead of getting help from the videographer, she gets complimented on her great 'acting' abilities..

"I'm not acting you asshole!! She's hurting me for real! DO SOMETHING!" Unfortunately for Phiffer, the videographer is doing something, he's filming the video as a training aid to show her what she's doing wrong.. like mouthing off to a much more powerful woman such as Angel.

Like a pit bull stuck on a fancy poodle, Angel takes down Phiffer once again and commences Phiffer's Schooling, showing her all the cool moves (that means brutally painful) !

Phiffer's howls of pain and suffering fall on deaf ears as Angel tears Phiffer's spine to sheds with a cruel Camel Clutch and Boston Crab. The only difference is that she's applying all her muscular frame into these holds..

Trapping Phiffer in her powerful legs, Angel pummels the poor girl's cruelly exposed ribs, belly and kidneys. A sharp yank of the hair pins Phiffer down solidly.

Cry all she wants, tap all she can, nothing is going to save Phiffer from being schooled by her dangerous and now malicious opponent, Angel.

Taking Phiffer down again with a painful wrist lock, Angel is all hell bent and intent on punishing the smaller Phiffer.

Another horrific Boston Crab solicits horribly sounding screams from Phiffer.

Down and flipped over, Phiffer is jammed into another camel clutch. At the videographer's request, Angel is directed to apply a cruel Camel Clutch and then add a Sleeper Hold .


Unconscious, Phiffer is rolled over and is set up for a perilous Standing Figure 4 Leg Lock.. Angel looks down, and then deliberately applies the pressure bring poor helpless Phiffer back to the world of the living, and thems that wot feels horrendous pain! (I love this scene!). Angel is reminded to stop if she hears bones break.. ewww.

Angel torments her trapped victim with solid punches to her arched out belly as she berates Phiffer for her indiscretions earlier.

Not just happy to see her hapless victim suffer, Angel applies some torturous arm holds, brutal back breakers served up with terrific knee drops to the spine.. anything to brutalize her smaller opponent to teach her a lesson she'll not soon forget!

Thankfully, all that is good (and horrible) must come to an end but not soon enough for poor little Phiffer. Knocked unconscious by Angel's skull crushing scissors, Phiffer is laid out and punished in a brutal and unusual way. Unable to move her tortured arms or legs, she is completely helpless to stop Angel from exacting her total and brutal revenge for her earlier misdoings.

To say that Phiffer had been properly 'schooled' is putting it mildly, the poor woman had the shit kicked out of her by a more powerful woman.

Well there you have it.. the question as to whether or not we do it for real or not here at Ladyfist is finally answered. We certainly hope Phiffer survives her beating and comes back soon for more..

NOTE: Please make an archival backup of your videos in case of hard drive crashes. We will NOT be able to replace your lost videos.