Angel vs Phiffer in LF022 Knockout Jeans   (36 MINUTES)

Phiffer bought a new pair of jeans for her upcoming hot date with her boyfriend and she wants to show them off but she's unable to contact her guy, so she's pissed and takes it out on Angel who is trying to clean up the apartment after too many wild parties, courtesy of Phiffer.

Angel is the type of woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, let alone any mouthing off by some little bitch like Phiffer.. She's had it coming for a long time, and tonight's the night the lights went out for Phiffer.

Phiffer has an attitude on her that gets her in trouble all the time, and a mouth to match. When she tells Angel to go fuck herself she soon realises that she might have bitten off more than she could chew when Angel makes a grab for her and takes Phiffer down for a rude wake up call.

Grabbing Phiffer by the hair, Angel rips a strip off of Phiffer by slapping her powerfull thighs around Phiffer's neck and squeezes with all her night. Compounding insult to injury, Angel continues a running torrent of insults and taunts to Phiffer of making out with her boyfriend behind her back. Crushing Phiffer's head between her python like thighs.

Phiffer cries her submission and after a few more hard squeezes, Angel lets her go. As she lays on the floor writhing in pain, Angel returns with some special stuff, chloroform! It doesn't take long to drop Phiffer out like a light with a heavily soaked rag of the stuff.


Phiffer wakes up and quickly gathers her shows as she hopes to sneak out to be with her guy in spite of what Angel did to her. But before she can make her escape Angel grabs her by the hair and slaps a sleeperhold on the poor helpless Phiffers.

Phiffer barely has enough time to gather her wits when she wakes up before Angel smothers her with another soaked rag and down goes Phiffer again, super quick!

Phiffer crawls over to the sofa and is once again quickly put out with another effective chloroformed smother and rolled off onto the floor.

Not finished with Phiffer at all, Angel yanks her back up to the sofa, stretches Phiffer across the arm rest and pounds her belly raw with huge fists.. those hits you hear are not sound effects! (we never do sound effects here). Anchoring Phiffer's head by the hair, Angel drops huge fists into poor Phiffer's belly.

And once again, Phiffer is put to sleep with another dose of Chloroform. Poor gal..

It's not that Angel dislikes Phiffer, she simply hates the smaller girl and now wants to make her suffer for even having challenged Angel in the first place. Angel slaps Phiffer in a brutal and painful standing figure four and torments her trapped victim.

Though she's screaming that she's giving up, Angel continues to brutalise her victim with heavy hits to the and and increased pressure to the legs.

Sick and tired of Phiffer's shit, Angel slaps a solid sleeper hold on the weakened Phiffer. Struggle as she may, Phiffer can't break the hold but gamely fight back the dark curtain of sleep as Angel tries to put her under. Angel sadisticly puts Phiffer out cold.

Totally limp, Phiffer is subjected to brutal punishement as Angel hammers her limp unconcious opponent in the bare belly over and over. As hard as she's hitting Phiffer, Angel is not getting any response from the girl.

Angel hoists Phiffer's unconcious and limp body up and across her knee, and pummels her poor battered belly again and again and still, Phiffer remains unconcious. This is why sleeperholds are dangerous when properly applied.

As hard as Angel nailed in the abs in this cruelly exposed position, Phiffer's limp body did not respond to the hard blows. wow.


Pissed off at how Phiffer was bragging about her jeans and how well her ass looked in them, Angel got to strip them off of Phiffer but the recovering gal manages to break free and tries to crawl away.

Unfortunately she's too weak to stop Angel from dragging her down from behind and puts her out once again with a sleeperhold.

When Phiffer wakes up once again, she's not happy with the turn of events and once again, mouths off at the tougher Angel. Well guess what, ya shoulda stopped there because Angel steps in and drives a few fists into Phiffer's face, bloodying her nose.

When Angel returns with a rag, Phiffer hopes it's to clean her up with but unfortunately, it's the chloroform rag once again and it's sleepy time for poor Phiffer, bruised cheek and bloody nose..

Angel has Phiffer so badly weakened, she can't effectively fight back so she takes her to a lot of pain with a reverse choke hold as she hammers Phiffer's chest with closed fists.

Crushed between Angel's powerful legs, Phiffer gasps for air as her breath is squeezed out of her lungs by Angels vice like scissors. When she's eventualy released from this hold, Phiffer is put out once again.. when she wakens, she's tortured with a brutal camel clutch where she's once again put out with chloroform.

Angel chokes out Phiffer and puts her down for good.. Angel reaches back for ropes and ties up her opponent nice and tight, and gags her.

Awakened with a slap to the side of the head, Phiffer is horrified to find herself in bondage.. and even more horrified when her guy finally calls and Angel tells him that Phiffer is unable to come to the phone.. because she's tied up at the moment (ok, it's an old joke)..

To REALLY add insult to injury, poor Phiffer is once again, and finally put out of her misery by another solid dose of chloroform.


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