Jade vs Phiffer in LF023 Jade's New Toy

Jade, our resident BBW gets a treat this month. She called us up one day complaining of the winter blahs. This is a condition that affects a lot of us northerners during the snow laden winter months and usually can be cured with some fun and happiness. So, to the rescue we come bearing a special gift. We brought Jade a new toy which we hoped would cheer her up and ourselves too! And how =) Poor Phiffer, she signed up for this one not knowing much about Jade and her lack of respect for little wee gals. Sucks to be her, good news for us.

34 Minutes of the most brutal and devastating one side matches yet.

This video is all about Jade and her new toy, Phiffer. Jade loves her new toy and she knows what her fans want to see. They want to see the large gorgeous woman beat the living snot out of the little girls and this is just what our lovely Jade intends to do with Phiffer.

I'm not too sure where all this hatred stems from but since her first video with Alicia in LF003, Jade has a particular hate-on for the tiny petite gals and she makes no bones about it. So since then, we have a standing agreement that all little girls must be brought to Jade. Ok why not?

Introducing herself and then Phiffer, Jade shows us what big girls can do with little girls by using her full weight and size advantage to pin her victim down and drop painful fists into Phiffer's stretched out and vulnerable belly.

We can't take away from Phiffer though, she's as tough as they get and she knows she's in a world of hurt if she doesn't get away from Jade. With all her might, she tries to slap her way out of this one. She smacked Jade so hard in the mouth, she dislodged Jade's lip ring! Phiffer catches Jade open handed right smack in the kisser again and the look on Jade's face is priceless. Unfortunately, that also pisses Jade off and only encourages her to break her new toy. When Phiffer manages to grab a hold of Jade's hair, the favour is quickly returned with such ferocity that Phiffer had to rethink her strategy for now... Pain.. hurts!

Jade takes her time to enjoy her new toy and torments her nicely. Paying particular attention to Phiffer's nice flat and taut belly, Jade pummels her victim's abs until the skin is raw and the belly battered and sore. Pinned and trapped under Jade's body, Phiffer is helpless to defend herself as Jade drives her fists deep into her abs. Barely able to catch her breath before the next one slams in harder each time.

Stretched and tortured, Phiffer can't do much about it when Jade gets a fancy idea to cause her more pain. She has to try her best to survive what ever Jade has in mind for her.

Phiffer manages to get a few slaps in and almost makes her escape but she's quickly trapped and pinned down for more brutality.

Jade uses her large legs to apply an incredibly horrendous body scissors on Phiffer's midsection. Of course, that's not brutal enough for Jade.. She turns Phiffer over, pins her arms under the ankles and slams huge fists into her victim's belly so hard, you can see the first print left behind.. even in these pics!

For the next while, Jade enjoys herself by demonstrating what she can do to Phiffer because she knows her fans love her for it. Every time =)
Every time Phiffer's manages to break free or get an arm free to defend herself, she's quickly put back into place, pinned, stretched out and beaten again, over and over. Jade takes a break from Phiffer's belly to now concentrate on Phiffer's gorgeous feet. Painfully so!

Pounded on, raked by sharp nails, bent backwards and tortured, poor Phiffer is almost at the end of her rope. She's run out of gas by now but unfortunately for her, this only makes Jade's job even easier and certainly more fun as she devises ways to ensure Phiffer never forgets what has happened. Jade takes the time to show her fans how weak and wimpy the little girl is as she tortures her some more.

The rest of this video is nothing more than pure brutal mayhem poured onto the hapless victim's lovely body by the vicious and cruel Jade. Needless to say, her spirits were picking up a lot by the time she got a lot of screams and moans out of her little victim.


After being viciously pounding in the kidneys and belly after having her hair yanked from her skull, Phiffer is cruelly hoisted up across Jade's shoulders and racked. Stretched out and bent, Jade's helpless victim is near the breaking point. When she's finally dropped, Phiffer explodes in a last ditch 'do or die' counter attack and almost manages to break away..

.. almost.


After a punishing 34 minute round of torture, the end is near for poor Phiffer as Jade first chokes her out and then proceeds to suffocate her poor brutalized and battered victim.


One of our fans who got a preview of this video complained that Phiffer never had a chance against the much larger Jade. That it was so one sided.. Everyone replied "so what?!"

Now, we have to find more small women to feed Jade. She says she feels another bout of Winter Blahs coming on soon..


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