Angel vs Salem in LF026 Salem's Sleep (Custom Video)

Remember the custom video LF022 Knockout Jeans where Angel got fed up with Phiffer's insolence and decided to teach her a lesson by respectively knocking her out with sleeper hold and chloroform laden cloths?

The same person came back loving the first video that he wanted to see Angel apply her mean vicious tactics to another worthy victim, Salem! If you thought Angel was awesome in the first video with Phiffer, wait till you get a load of this one. Poor Salem, after so many knockouts, she's never been the same after that.

41 Minutes of great knockout action between two gorgeous women


Things go bad for Salem right from the begriming when Angel, frustrated that Salem isn't pulling her weight around the house, decides to teach the lazy Salem a lesson.

Not even making any excuses about it, Angel viciously grabs Salem and slaps a powerful arm across the gorgeous woman's throat and applies a well executed sleeper hold that renders her victim unconscious like a rag doll. Poor Salem is no match for the raw strength and power of the angry Angel.

And to rub it in even more, no sooner does Salem wake up from her nightmare attack that Angel slaps a chloroform rag over Salem's face and knocks her out right away! Struggle all she wants, there is no escape for Salem as Angel has her way with her wayward roommate. After checking Salem for life, Angel drags the unconscious girl to the sofa where she starts to berate the confused and groggy Salem.



When the gals get ragging again, Salem informs Angel that she's waiting for her boyfriend to stop and take her out for the evening on a big date, but unfortunately for Salem, Angel informs her that he's been told that Salem won't be going out tonight because she has to clean house and that's the end of that story! Understandly upset, Salem insults Angle and to her horror, she's pulled off the sofa once again and tossed to the floor where Angel applies her power legs across the hapless Salem's chest and crushes her rib cage and neck in a python like scissors grip.

Once again, Salem is knocked out with chloroform. Struggle as she may, Salem can't get away from the effects of the chloroform.

Angel slowly measures her victim's unconsciousness as she lifts her arms, legs and head. Grabbing Salem by her thick luscious hair, Angel rolls Salem over to a sitting position. Just as Salem becomes aware of what had just happened to her, Angel comes in from behind with another application of the chloroform laden rag across her face and out she goes again.. out like a light.

Angel toys with her unconscious victim, trying to wake her up again so she can start torturing Salem all over again. When Salem wakes up again, she's greeted with a torturous body stretched sleeper hold once again.


Angel sits on Salem's chest and rams her feet under the groggy gal's back to apply a modified pin hold. Trapped, Salem's body is stretched and tortured.

Angel quickly gets furious and is out to punish her roommate with various scissors and choke holds, combinations sleeper-scissor holds and anything else to punish Salem. And to knock her out.


Angel figures she's going to rip the jeans off Salem's ass and sell them to help pay for a maid who can do Salem's work but Salem manages to get away but barely. Angel manages to slap on more torturous holds on the battered Salem, trying to exact her fury on the groggy babe.

Salem is made to suffer horrific pain followed up with repeated knockouts by Sleepers, chokes and the chloroformed rag. Every time she's revived, Salem has to relive the horror of being brutalized over and over again, and being knockout once more..


Poor Salem is made to suffer a brutal beating in impossible positions in this custom video.. Angel takes pride in her ability to make Salem cry for mercy but to no avail.. she's not looking for a submission.. no, that would be too easy. Angel is looking for payback and she's taking it out of Salem's hide as she bends the woman backwards and pins her arms down while pummeling her cruelly exposed belly with deadly hammer blows.

Eventually the end comes to Salem's ordeal (but not before more knockouts and torture) and Angel hog ties the unconscious and bloodied Salem. She wakes up to find herself in an impossible situation and is made to suffer once more another horrible knockout by chloroformed rag.

I'd like to be able to tell you that Salem's horrific ordeal ends there but it doesn't. Angel beats on the unconscious Salem's belly until she wakes up and continues to torture and brutalize the battered and beaten Salem...

It all finally comes to end when Salem is chloroformed for the last time.. Later when she wakes up, Salem discovers Angel is not around and struggles in her bonds to get away before the dangerous fitness model gets back. Salem vows to get her revenge as she makes her escape..


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