Ali vs Tigra LF027 The Sit Down (Custom Video)

Ali is back vs Tigra once again in another custom video request. Tigra had been boasting at much tougher than Ali she was but unfortunately she hadn't met Ali until now. Tigra figured she could make quick work out of Ali but soon ended up at the short end of the stick as Ali took the fight to Tigra and dominated her throughout the match.

Poor Tigra, she'd been on a nice winning streak lately, how humiliating to lose a match like this and in this fashion!

37 Minutes of domination



Ali was given prior notice to Tigra's bad mouthing about her and was soon prepared to meet the little tigress known as Tigra. Don't forget, though she's only 5'1" and 98 lbs, the petite red head is lethal!

Ali was on the phone chatting with her close friend who told her about Tigra's trash talking. She suggested to Ali that if the opportunity arose, that she should force the brazen red head down to the floor and have a sit down with her, the hard way!

We didn't waste time with this video.. Ali starts it off with Tigra on the mat flat on her back with Ali pinning her down, sitting on Tigra's face. Needless to say, Tigra is seriously not enjoying this one bit but struggle as she may, she's not going anyway. Ali is a lot stronger than she looks.

Tigra is desperate to get out from under Ali but to no avail, Ali has her pinned down hard and stretched out. To compound Tigra's problem, Ali smothers Tigra making it harder for her to breathe.

Ali has total domination over Tigra that she can easily switch from one position to another and there's little Tigra can do about it. The lack of air is weakening poor Tigra by the minute and Ai knows it. She definetly enjoys the moment when she's able to stick it back to Tigra after hearing what she had to say about her.

There's no escape for poor Tigra, not with Ali's full weight bearing down on her head. For the whole length of the match, Ali make Tigra her bitch and takes great pleasures in torturing the 'Tigra Terror' with scratches on her ribs, a few pokes to the cruelly exposed belly.

Ali is not cruel, however.. She does allow Tigra a few breaths of air while she switches position. Tigra is so weakened that she can't even mount a defense to counter Ali.

All that is good comes to an end when Ali decides enough is enough and put Tigra out of her misery with a crushing knockout. Satisfied with her handiwork, Ali dials up her friend and invites her over for a sit down on Tigra as well.

(Be sure to check out the bonus footage at the end of the video. Poor Tigra had to learn a real life lesson.. some day, she will learn.. hopefully not too soon =)


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