Ali vs Tigra LF029 The Parking Spot (Custom Video)

Ali's the boss and was finally annoyed enough at Tigra's constant parking spot stealing that she decided to make a point. She had Tigra's new car towed out of Ali's spot and stiffed her with the bill.. Why? Because, she's the boss and that's all she wrote.

Needless to say Tigra isn't one bit impressed or happy about the situation and wants the money repaid that she had to shell out for the towing and impound fee. When Ali refuses, Tigra decides that it's going to cost Ali, one way or another. Any way is fine. The more pain, the better.

43 Minutes of one sided beat down.


Tigra doesn't care that Ali is the boss in this custom video.. She simple has little to no respect at all for the taller woman and it shows.

When Tigra finds out her car was towed out of Ali's spot, she demands her repayment for the money she had to spend to get her car back from the impound but Ali's not having any of it. She had Tigra's car towerd to prove a point.. that SHE is the boss around here.

It doesn't take long when the badgering doesn't get Tigra anywhere and she decides to get her payment out of Ali one way or another. The more painfull the better. She's that pissed off that she doesn't care anymore and goes at it full force with her boss.

Solid punches to the abs and slaps to the face are exchanged as Ali holds her end up against the fiesty little red head and she stands her ground not to pay for the towing fees. This does nothing more than anger Tigra!



Though Tigra roughly brutalises Ali, more so for the pleasure of hearing Ali scream in pain, Tigra gets taken down by a cheap shot by Ali and now she gets her turn to repay some of the pain and suffering Tigra inflicted on her.

Ali wraps her long and powerful legs around Tigra's petite frame and crushes her chest. No fear however as Tigra manages to turn it over and with vengence. Poor Ali.. boss or no boss, she's in for a wold of hurt as Tigra pours it on with more ferocity than before.


Simply refusing to give in to Tigra's demands and clinging to her status as boss, Ali suffers horribly to Tigra's vengefull attacks. Suffering crippling leg and arm tortures, and punches to the head and face, the worse is yet to come for poor Ali



Tigra isn't just happy beating her opponent, no, that would be too easy. This time, she brings out Ali's video camera and sets it up so that she can tape the humiliating ending of this fight.

Once she has the camera set, Tigra camel clutches poor helpless Ali and claws away at her chest, adding more insult to more injury.. But she's not even close to being done punishing Ali. Oh no..

This video is a must have for those loving the one sided fights where the smaller gal completely dominates her larger opponent. And no one does it better than Tigra. She's that mean and she's that vicious.


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