Tigra vs Velvet LF030 Submit (Custom Video)

Simply put, this custom video is a test of strength, guts and willingness to win. Tigra's viciousness comes out to dominate over the taller Velvet. I guess size isn't everything. Poor Velvet didn't realize what she walked into until it was too late!

This custom video is broken down in two stories. Different approach to the same story.

48 Minutes of pins, straddles, scissors, chokes and domination.



The first Video Story is the classic "you messed with my boyfriend" premise and Velvet is upset to find out her man had been eying the petite Tigra so she confronts her for satisfaction. Unfortunately, the tables are turned on her as Tigra proves to be more than Velvet can handle!


Velvet manages to get a short advantage over Tigra by torquing her arm for all she's worth making her opponent scream in pain, but she foolishly lets her guard down for just an instant and Tigra takes advantage of the opening and continues to beat the hell out of poor Velvet, who is completely outclassed in this match up.

Tigra knows very well she's tougher and stronger than her opponent so she takes her time and body presses Velvet to the mat and pins her down, establishing her dominance over the poor woman. Velvet's not at her peak strength as she can't over turn Tigra's attacks and thus must suffer what Tigra tosses at her.

 Tigra has her way with Velvet, choking her out slowly and torturously while scissoring her mid section.. And just as you'd think Velvet was going under, she's released to catch her breath. No use letting her pass out and miss all the fun, right? Arm and leg torturous holds, scissors and body presses work against poor Velvet.

Tigra takes her time as she brutalises her larger opponent and savours every moment right up to the end when she smothers Velvet until she's unconcious .

Tigra completely dominates a sobbing Velvet through this match.. And this is match one...



The second match finds Velvet reading a popular women's wrestling magazine and chuckling at how they show smaller women beating their larger opponents. Tigra isn't too fond of how Velvet doesn't believe it's possible so they strike up a challenge to see if a smaller woman can beat a taller woman.


They start off with various Test of Strength competitions and yes, it seems the smaller Tigra can manhandle her larger opponent with ease. Grunting and groaning, both women strain against each other trying to take the win but much to Velvet's chagrin she discovers she can barely handle Tigra's ferocity.

Though she's beaten by Tigra in these competitions, Velvet doesn't believe that her petite opponent could actually take her in an all out fight. Well, sweetheart, this is where you're horribly wrong. And Tigra goes all out to show her the wrong of her ways. Not just looking to beat down her new victim, Tigra proceeds to tear her opponent apart, limb by limb, piece by piece


Poor Velvet doesn't know what has hit her, she's bent, pulled, twisted and battered. Choked and grapevined, arm locked, leg locked and smothered unconcious..

Tigra just loves to hear her victim submit over and over with the last torturous leg-choke hold combo. Poor Velvet can't move and has to endure the horrific ordeal of suffering under Tigra's cruelty. She's left as a battered and broken woman, knowing she's been completely dominated by a much smaller fighter. No worries, Velvet vows revenge.

This is one of those videos that will greatly appeal to the lovers of one sided matches where the little fighter kicks ass on the taller fighter. Tigra dominates Velvet in both matches and there is not stopping her. Well almost.. don't worry, she gets what's coming to her in later videos. But enjoy this one, the petite terror rules!

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