Lexus vs Tigra LF031 Fighter Girl Broken

5'9" Lexus and 5'1" Tigra are regarded as the dangerous gals of Ladyfist. Both being vicious and redhead, their inevitable first encounter promised to be anything but spectacular and they didn't disappoint us with what I have to consider to be one of our wildest videos yet.

Tigra doesn't show the least bit of respect or fear when se faces off against her taller opponent, and though she takes the advantage early on in the fight, she soon realizes that she is in for a fight for her survival as Lexus not only proceeds to tear apart her smaller opponent but enjoys punishing ad brutalizing Tigra with an impressive array of holds and moves that will leave you amazed. Our long standing fighter girl Tigra ends up broken like never before.

38 Minutes of the most intense action yet, read on to find out what!!


Facing off each other with stares that could kill, Tigra and Lexus trash talk each other and it doesn't take long before the first take down happens and Tigra exerts her dominance over her taller opponent. She's tiny but she's vicious and touch as Tigra easily controls Lexus as she starts on her legs, followed up with a quick camel clutch. But Lexus quickly counters with a solid punch to Tigra's belly which momentarily stuns her and takes her breath away.
But Lexus makes the mistake of not following up and Tigra takes the advantage once again as she leaps for Lexus and tortures her with vice like scissors. Lexus manages to break from this hold with solid hair yanking but once again Tigra manages to take the advantage away from Lexus and continues to show her superior fighting skills. Lexus might be taller but against Tigra it doesn't seem to help her much. However a sharp punch to the belly and a pull of the hair allows Lexus to turn it around and get on top of her smaller antagonist. Lexus follows this up with slaps to the face and fists to the belly as she taunts and humiliates the petite red head. Try as she may, Tigra struggles to break free but is rewarded with more hair torture and belly punches and cross body scissors.
But don't count out Tigra yet. She explodes in rage and takes down lexus and begins brutalizing her with belly punches and double knee drops to Lexus' belly. Weakens and not aware of Tigra's abilities with the wild leg locks, Lexus gets trapped in a new leg lock variant and is soon beside herself as her knee is tortured but once again manages to break free and trap Tigra in a solid body scissors. But again, she manages to break free to get on top of Lexus.

Feeling sure of herself and cocky, Tigra manhandles her taller opponent and drills her in the abs and ribs with sharp punches and Lexus is bent back and unable to ward off her blows. Lexus manages to sneak a quick jab to Tigra's belly and is able to drape the stunned fighter girl across her knee for a back breaker with punches to the belly. If that wasn't painful enough, Lexus pumps Tigra's little frame across her knee and drills her harder in the belly trying to break her apart. Weakened and in pain, Tigra is subjected to a series of extensive camel clutches as her spine is tortured and her belly stretched as Lexus leans all the way back to apply maximum pressure. Now as if THAT wasn't torturous enough, Lexus applies her favourite Porch Swing hold on the poor battered girl. Suspended by her limps and swung to and fro just inches from the floor, Tigra is tortured like never before as Lexus toys with her new victim.






Until now, Tigra has had a good run in her series of fights with the others gals and she honestly believed she could take Lexus down but now she's paying the price for her lack of better judgment. Lexus hates having to prove people wrong but in this case, she's going to make it a special lesson as she proceeds to take apart Tigra, one piece at a time, one limb at a time. Thus begins Tigra's nightmare.

Brutal body scissors, deep thumping belly punches and even deeper knee drops to her belly and spine weaken Tigra so much that she can't mount any defense to Lexus' attacks. Lexus hoists her battered opponent up and over her shoulder in a cruel back breaker, bouncing her up and down to inflict more punishment. Grabbing her wrists and ankle, Lexus bends Tigra like never before then dumps her on the floor like a sack of flour.

Knowing Tigra is beyond the point of return, Lexus plays with her as she hoists the poor brutalized girl with her feet in Tigra's back, suspending her up and above before dumping dow on the floor to attack her belly once again. But once wasn't enough as Lexus hoists and tortures Tigra's spine once again. The horror continues for poor Tigra.

The carnage continues as Lexus rips Tigra's shoulders out with brutal full nelsons that pulls the little girl off the floor. Yanked from end to end by the hair, Tigra is unable to defend herself as Lexus does a couple of reverse hangman holds on poor Tigra, breaking her down even more. But poor Tigra's punishment isn't over yet by a long shot.. Lexus has more in stock for her busted down victim. She sets Tigra up for the Ceiling Hold, hoists her up. Screaming in horrible pain, Tigra is beside herself but the horror has only started as Lexus lowers Tigra's upper body while suspending her by the knees like a busted rag doll. With her arms pinned behind her back, Tigra is pummeled in the abs as she is bounced from the knees at the end of Lexus' long strong legs. One of the most incredible moves and hits seen yet. Poor Tigra's torture is still not over though as Lexus proceeds to not only punish her opponent but to break her down.

But there still a whole lot more to see in this, one of our BEST videos yet! Completely in control of her victim, Lexus subjects Tigra to more leg torture holds, back breakers and brutal belly punches. The finisher hold is absolutely incredible as Tigra looses consciousness in one of the most brutal holds. Dumped on the floor, Tigra is completely out as Lexus stomps and kicks her. Lexus leaves Tigra, the fighter girl broken.

We're not sure if we are going to be able to get these two women matched together again as the rivalry is so intense. Needless to say, Tigra woke up later vowing revenge in a most horrific way.

If you love the wild fights with incredible holds, you'll want to see this one. I consider this video one of our crowning fight videos. You'll not want to miss any of the action!


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