LF032 - It's Not Over - featuring Phiffer vs Velvet

We brought these two ladies together to see what they could bring to the mats and we were kind of disappointed with Velvet's performance. She did come to us as the Velvet 'Hammer' but even the smaller Phiffer could handle her with ease. No matter what Velvet did, Phiffer made sure to make her look bad and rub it in. Even a little coaching from the camera man wasn't helping. It didn't look good for Velvet keeping her position on the roster.

We paused the shoot and gave Velvet her options; step up her game or step off the roster. Much to Phiffer's chagrin, Velvet had indeed been holding back and now showed us what she was capable of. Though Phiffer started off her match cocky and sure of herself, falsely believing Velvet was a pushover, she now endures pain and punishment from Velvet who isn't too happy with her smaller opponent.

38 Minutes of semi-competitive style struggle fight


It's all fun and games at the begining when both start off amicably enough, Velvet yanks a tissue from Phiffer's bra to take care of her sniffles and Phiffers sets upon Velvet. A nice casual match where both gals are testing each other out and finding their boundaries.

Phiffer soon discovers that Velvet is a bit of a push over and starts to have fun with her, taunting her about her skills, or lack thereof.

Velvet's a good sport, she appears to be putting some effort into it but no matter what she starts, Phiffer counters it and makes Velvet look kinda bad in front of the camera. It's a nice competition session, thus far, though Phiffer pushes the edges a bit.


Back and forth it goes with Phiffer dominating most of the match. She shows us that size doesn't matter if you have the skills which she obviously does but Velvet appears to be lacking. Velvet takes an injury to her beautiful toes (for real) and needs medical attention. Phiffer doesn't offer any sympathy but continues to insult her opponent. They get back to business after Velvet's bandaged her toes
Velvet's bandage comes off again and she's feeling pretty frustrated at this point that Phiffer is making her look bad. She's warned that if she doesn't step up her game and show us what she really has, we're going to have to let her go. Not happy hearing this, Velvet brings it to Phiffer and it starts to get busy on the mats. Though Velvets gets momentary control over Phiffer, she can't hold her down and is eventually flipped off and on her belly where her taunting opponent sits on her back and commences to torture Velvet's beautiful feet, especially the injured toes.. Phiffer has to be yanked off of Velvet's feet to get her to stop the torture.

Once disengaged, Velvet has to re bandage her wound and she's pissed! Of course this doesn't stop Phiffer from taunting and annoying her opponent.

Once they lock up again, Phiffer comes out aggressive but quickly runs into an angry Velvet who is now looking for some payback and a lot of revenge. Wow, this gal has skills as it turns out, and mean too. She bow and arrows Phiffer after a cross knee back breaker to realign her spine.

Though offered the chance to submit, Phiffer still continues to resist as Velvet slaps on a cruel and painful fig four leg lock. Phiffer has to submit or face the risk of being crippled and thus, she gives up... but not before Velvet cranks on more pressure to make her point. Poor Phiffer is left sobbing on the floor as Velvet yanks her up to her feet and tortures her arm with an arm pump over the shoulder. Going to work on the same shoulder, Velvet's in control and enjoys herself hearing Phiffer scream in pain.

Velvet truly enjoys herself pinning Phiffer and watching her struggle, but not as much as when she knee spreads her smaller opponent until she submits once again.

To make her point stick with Phiffer, she tosses her in various other holds to torture her for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, Phiffer can't take anymore of it and not only submits but wants to quit as a Ladyfist fighter because she's not happy with her beatings... We decided that since she's going to quit 'anyway', we might as well let Velvet have her fun with Phiffer and put her out with style.. "If you wanna quit, there is only one way out.. and that's by going out".. and Velvet obliges Phiffer with a solid Sleeper Hold.. So Velvet shows us what she's got and she holds her spot..

Phiffer vows to come back and deal with Velvet once and for all.. We'll have to see how that turns out.

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