Delyte vs Tigra LF033 The Hard Nap (Custom Video)

Delyte's kicking back as usual when Tigra comes walking in with her tight jeans and sunglasses on. Tigra's known for speaking her mind and she cuts into Delyte without hesitation and can't help but remark on her lack of makeup and looking like a bum. Delyte is not having any of that and after repeated warnings telling Tigra to shut up, Delyte forges ahead and makes the impudent red head shut the hell up with repeated Sleeper Holds and Chloroformed rags.

Tigra doesn't know if she's coming or going with so many repeated 'outtings'. She's barely concious from one knock out that Delyte has her in the grips of another. But to add insult to multiple injuries, Delyte puts Tigra in the most punishing holds while she's out like a light and wakes her up with excrutiating pain, only to knock her out again while still in the hold.

For all you Sleeperhold and Chloroform fans, this is one of those one sided videos you need to see. I've lost count how many times Tigra has gone out from Delyte's attacks and torture.

52 Minutes of Chloroform, Sleepers and brutal holds, one sided.

It's a nice day and Delyte's kicking back as she usually does but today, Tigra drops in and starts ragging on Delyte about her looks and appearance and how she doesn't try to better herself for others.

Delyte doesn't need some little red head harpie coming in on her day and ruining her day so she warns Tigra to shut up or be knocked out. Tigra, always defiant and antagonistic, just keeps yapping on at Delyte, pissing her off.

They get into a shoving match which results in Tigra getting knocked down to the floor and Delyte immediately gets in behind her to administer the first of many Sleeper Holds until Tigra is out like a light. Limp and unconcious, just the way Delyte likes her, quiet!

Delyte drags Tigra over to one side and wakes her up to let her know what happened. Confused, Tigra has no clue what happened but when she's told she was knocked out because she was running her mouth, she starts up again and mouthes off to Delyte who in turn, has no choice but to knock the mouthy red head out once again with a Sleeper Hold.

Struggling to break free, Tigra is momemtarily released to get some air but is immediately locked into the hold once again and is put out once again. She tries to fight it off but the hold is clamped on too tight and she slips off to unconciousness.

No sooner does Tigra wakes up that she starts mouthing off again and yes, Delyte wastes no time in throwing Tigra into another Sleeper Hold and knocks her out again! However, this time, Delyte goes out and gets her supply of Chloroform ready into a rag and has a surprise for the barely concious Tigra who panics at the smell of the chemical and is quickly dropped off to sleep when Delyte jams the rag into Tigra's face and she's in la la land once again. Delyte drops Tigra's body to the mat like a limp rag doll. Delyte wakes Tigra and once again puts the rag to her face but not so close this time, she quite enjoys watching Tigra going out slowly, seeing her eyes roll back as she slumbers off from the effects of the Chloroform.  She lifts Tigra's arms to test if she's completely out or not.

To make life even more interesting for Tigra when she wakes up, Delyte drags the unconcious Tigra up and over her knee in a back breaker hold and brings her around with some light belly punching. Poor Tigra wakes up in excrutiating pain and starts howling but is quickly quieted by having more of the Chloroform put to her face. Out like a light, she's unceremoniously dumped to the floor and rolled around like a rag doll as Delyte wakes her up once again and yep, you got it, Chloroformed asleep right away.

Barely concious and aware of what's happening to her Tigra is dragged up and over Delyte's knee and tortured until Chloroformed again. She lays drapped there like a rag doll until awakened and knocked out once again.

Delyte isn't just happy keeping the little gal quiet but she wants to torment and torture her with multiple Sleeper Holds and Chloroform.

Unfortunately for Tigra, the worse is YET to come as Delyte enjoys herself, a littl too much!

Poor Tigra is eventually knocked out once again and this time, Delyte puts her unconcious victim in a solid and brutal figure four leg lock. She slams her leg down across Tigra's ankle which sends her screeching in pain as she wakes to this new torture. However, Delyte reaches over, grabs Tigra by the hair and yanks her closer to administer more Chloroform to knock her out once more while still in the dreaded fig four leg lock. Delyte slams her leg down across Tigra's leg to wake her up again and does it all over again. Hell, if it worked great the first time, why not try it again?!

Imagine waking up to incredible pain, not realizing anything but the pain.. then seeing Delyte at your feet, entangled in your legs...

Delyte rolls Tigra over onto her belly as she's waking up and slowly applies a painful Camel Clutch on our poor little Tigra. Just as the pain starts to crack on her spine and Tigra starts to wail in pain, Delyte does the honours once again and puts her opponent out, leaving her slumped and hanging from Delyte's knees.

Delyte wakes poor Tigra up again and starts the whole process over again but this time she holds the Chloroformed rag a little away from Tigra's face so that her passing out takes a little longer than normal. Can't rush these things. As Tigra goes out, slowly, her eyes dart from side to side and eventually roll back as she goes unconcious, from the pain and Chloroform.



Poor Tigra is in such a world of hurt, she doesn't know if she's coming or going. And Delyte loves it that way. Nothing impresses her more than watching her opponent suffer with dignity.. well not that Tigra has much choice in the matter. After so many Sleeper Holds and Chloroforming, it's a wonder she doesn't suffer permanent damage! Though she fights it off all the way through and refuses to submit to Delyte, poor Tigra is knocked out so often and rag dolled so badly that she should have, a long time ago.

For fans who love a lot of Sleeper Holds and Chloroforming, you can't miss THIS video!


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