Sunny vs Saphron and Velvet vs Cherri in LF034 Big Hair, Cheap Shots

38 Minutes featuring two matches with a lot of hair pulling, punches and cheap shots.

2 Matches featuring Sunny vs Saphron, Velvet vs Cherri

This video brings you two great matches featuring the gals with the big hair. In the first match, Sunny tries to practice her trumpet but gets blasted by Saphron who has no appreciation for fine music, let alone Sunny. You've seen these two go at it before so you know it's going to be rough with a lot of hair pulling and belly punching. Cheap shots to the crotch and chest tidy up the match between these two. Nothing sucks worse than getting choked out by your own hair.

In the second match, Cherri is huddled under the blankets because the heat is off. Velvet complains that the petite red head failed to pay the heating bill and they fight over the blanket which is special to Cherri. Though she's smaller than Velvet, Cherri brings her game to Velvet in the begining but can't conitnue long enough and succumbs to Velvet's superior skills (and cheap shot). All that hair get get used against her which pales in comparison to the horrific leg torture she suffers.




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