Delyte and Velvet vs Tigra in LF035 Small and Dangerous

A friend of ours, Dangerbob commented that the skinny little waifs on the site couldn't hold up their own against the taller women. When Tigra reads of this on a live chat, she's furious about the comment. When Velvet explains to her who Dangerbob is, Tigra sets up the webcam and proceeds to show him what 'little girls' can actually do as she brutalized poor Velvet. Delyte shows up and sees the carnage and laughs at Tigra about the little girl comment. Delyte suffers the same fate as her friend Velvet. To suffer insult to injury, Tigra raids Delyte's purse for cigarette money and heads out the door.

Eventually, both women wake up as Tigra returns and immediately set upon the smaller red head for some revenge. Tigra hasn't had a good run of luck in her recent fights and she's now up for doubel trouble as Velvet and Delyte enjoy themselves by brutalizing and punishing their victim. But the last laugh is on them as the tough and vicious Tigra has a suprise for her antagonists.

48 Minutes of brutal two on one beat down with a twist ending.


-- Currently Unavailable (MCX) --

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