LF037 - Double Match featuring - Velvet vs Cherri and Sunny vs Saphron
(2 Matches)

We decided to compile two short videos into one longer video this time and I think you'll agree that this was a good thing. 4 women, two matches, a lot of action!

To start off we have Velvet and Cherri agrueing about the choice of dates that night and it doesn't take long before something hits the fan and someone gets a smack and a twist. Stronger and taller than her opponent, Velvet Hammer doesn't waste time establishing her dominance over the petite red head. With various back breakers, arm locks, leg locks and brutal belly punches, poor Cherri can barely mount any defense as she's battered from one end of the room to the other. Velvet steps it up a notch when she wrecks Cherr's legs in one of the grossest leg holds seen to date (I didn't know you could bend legs that way, pain or no pain!). In the end, someone is pinned down and trapped and is brutally belly punched unconcious.

The second match features the vicious and dangerous Saphron vs Sunny. Busy concentrating on her fight training, Saphron isn't too impressed to hear the BS coming from Sunny as she show no respect for Saphron's abilities. So a hard right cross silences Sunny. When the tall blond wakes up, she discovers that she's tied back to a punching bag, as the extra padding to Saphron's punches and kicks. Give it to Sunny though, she keeps mouthing off to Saphron to show her defiance but ends up getting harder and harder punches and kicks to the chest, belly and croch, all the while tied up and totally defenseless.

While rolled on her back over the bag and beaten, Sunny manages to free one of her feet which allows her to get in a cheap shot which drops Saprhon to the floor. Now it's time for a lot of payback, the hard hitting kind. Sunny wastes no time and goes for Saphron belly and exposed chest. Nipple rings are yanked twisted and punched, as well as Saphron's hard belly. Weakened by bone crushing scissors, Saphron is drapped over the punching bag and is made to suffer the same humiliation as Sunny did earlier. Kicks to the crotch, punches to the breasts and nipple torture gets Sunny the satisfaction she wants.

But just as it happened to Saphron, she manages to get a solid kick to Sunny's crotch and drops her like a rock. Getting on top of Sunny, she drives several punches to poor Sunny's skull to weaken her down even more. Once again Sunny finds herself bound to the punching bag and if you thought the prior hits were hard, wait till you see these. Completely helpless, Sunny is hammered on with vicious and cruel punches and kicks until the inevitable end when Saphron kneels on Sunny's hair as she is bent back over the punching bag and is cruelly punched and hammered in the belly and breasts. A lesson hard learned by Sunny. A fun lesson taught by Saphron.

47 Minutes of belly hits, holds and beat downs.


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