LF038 Angel's Workout - Angel vs Phiffer

Phiffer's never been able to get the upper hand on Angel but when she overheard Angel telling her friend on the phone that her abs were killing her due to a heavy duty workout at the gym, Phiffer figures that finally now, she'll be able to take on her larger and stronger opponent in her now weakened state..

With a series of belly punches, scissors and arm locks, Phiffer wastes no time in showing Angel she's no one's push over. Throwing Angel to the couch, Phiffer uses her as a pretzel and torments Angel, knowing she's relatively safe. Yanked down to the floor, Phiffer applies a reverse choke hold with telling effect as Angel desperately struggles to break free. Fortunately for Angel, Phiffer's cockiness prevails as she releases her muscular opponent.

Unfortunately, this is the break that Angel needed to turn the tables on her irritating foe. Down goes Phiffer with an arm drag and right away into a tight camel clutch. And so commences Phiffer's next beat down at the hands of Angel. She couldn't leave well enough alone, and so now she's going to pay for it big time. It's bad enough Phiffer attacked her while she was in a less than perfect state of body but the taunting and insults are something Angel doesn't tolerate, especially coming from Phiffer. So let the payback commence.

Angel goes to work on Phiffer, taking her apart piece by piece.. Arm bars and twists only mark the begriming of what is to be a torturous time for Phiffer. Soon, Angel attacks Phiffer's back and how.. Knees to the spine, punches to the back, back stretch and a cross shoulder back breaker weaken poor Phiffer even more..

For the next 30 minutes, poor Phiffer is put through such an ordeal that she's barely able to mount any defense other than screaming and moaning. But this only encourages the vicious Angel as she picks Phiffer apart, piece by piece.

With a crippling figure four leg lock spells the end for poor battered Phiffer. Angel continues to pummel at her legs and back and eventual renders her opponent unconscious through shear brutality and exhaustion.. Payback being what it is, Angel regales in parading the unconscious Phiffer over her shoulder and then dumping the poor gal on the sofa where she's laid to rest, but not without a parting shot to the belly as Angel leaves..

For those familiar with Angel and Phiffer's antics, this is one of their best performances yet. They go through a whole gamut of holds and moves in this video, sure to be appreciated by all fight fans.

34 Minutes of back breakers, belly punching, hair pulling and more.


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