LF040 Bad Magic - Velvet vs Cherri
(Custom Video)

34 Minutes

In the past here at Ladyfist, we tried a Bikini Contest where Velvet and Phiffer ended up with a huge fight on their hands when they showed up with the same bikinis on in LF025 Bikini Showdown. This past season we decided to try another contest but this time focusing on the talent aspect so we anticipated the whole deal would be a nice peaceful one.. right? Wrong.

Velvet and Cherri were invited to show off their special talents. Cherri shows up with her cool "Animal Balloon" act while Velvet was all set to show us her "Magic Act". Sure enough, they both start trash talking about the other's special talent and the fight breaks out.

Setting up for their talent show, Velvet turns on the saw that startles Cherri as she's pumping up her balloons for her act. Cherri is told that Velvet's act involves her 'sawing a person in two with a power saw'. Cherri chides in with a "Good luck finding someone stupid enough to volunteer for that stupid trick!" and Velvet retaliates by popping one of Cherri's balloons. Talk about being childish! However, Cherri is furious at Velvet for the lack of respect she has for Cherri's craft and attacks her from behind and drags her down by the hair. However, Velvet is no push over as she gets up and declares that she's found her volunteer for her Magic Show. But to get that volunteer to actually 'volunteer', she's got to beat Cherri down.

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Starting off with a crippling figure 4 leg lock and toe mangling torture, Velvet cruelly applies her holds with a viciousness that Cherri is soon suffering from. Pulled up by the hair, Cherry is dropped across Velvet's knee for a back breaker complimented with a few good shots to the stretched out abs. Stretching Cherri out even more with a Bow and Arrow, Velvet is surely enjoying herself as she inflicts pain and suffering onto her smaller victim. Velvet torments Cherri by telling her how the audience is going to enjoy watching Cherri's blood fly as the saw cuts through her in the magic act. But Cherri is determined not submit to Velvet as she fears the saw and the terror of Velvet's Magic Act.


Velvet is unrelenting as she tortures poor Cherri, trying to get her to submit and be her special volunteer for her act. As horrible as the pain is, Cherri refuses to give in. Pulled up by her hair, Cherri can barely offer any resistance to Velvet's will and strength as she's tossed into a shoulder wrecking Full Nelson and suffers blow to the belly. But when there is desperation, there is will as Cherri mule kicks Velvet between the thighs, making her release the hold. Tossing Velvet to the sofa, Cherri climbs up behind her and wrap her petite legs around tough Velvet's neck and tries to choke her out as she squeezes hard with her legs. Pay back sucks, but Cherri enjoys pulling hard on Velvet's hair and torturing her arms, she has it coming to her, right? Right.


But unfortunately for Cherri, Velvet is more adept at fighting and manages to get a breast maul going to break the hold and grab Cherri by the hair to toss her down on the floor from which she's able to wrap her gorgeous and powerful thighs around the petite red head and squeeze her for all she's worth. Toss in a few belly punches, thighs across the throat and poor Cherri is really in a whole world of hurt! Velvet is simply too much for Cherri to stop.


Poor Cherri, it's either she submits to being Velvet's Magic Show volunteer or suffer having her arms busted off as her opponent traps Cherri's arms with her legs and applies a brutal bow and arrow with a little hair pulling added in for the right effect. How much more can poor Cherri take of this brutality?!


Not content with just torturing Cherri's arms, Velvet goes for her wrists and fingers, and bends them forward and backwards at a cruel and impossibly painful angle while trying to pull Cherri's arm out the shoulder socket. Yanked up to her feet once again by the hair, our hapless Cherri is racked out as Velvet pulls Cherri up over her shoulder by the hair and stretches her out.


Weakened, battered and defenseless against Velvet, Cherri is locked into a vicious sleeper hold as Velvet gleefully makes Cherri her new Magic Act Volunteer, unwilling but hey, she's unconscious so what can she do about it? Nothing.. nothing at all!!


Poor Cherri wakes up to find herself with her arms bound beneath her and with Velvet towering over her with the saw in hand.. OH my gosh, the crazy bitch is going to saw her in half!! Cherri is beside herself with fear and freaks out as Velvet performs her Magic Act on the unsuspecting and screeching Cherri.. Velvet howls with laughter at Cherri because Cherri had NO idea that it was a Magic Act and not for real and that she was in no danger what so ever.

As Velvet is interviewed after her performance, Cherri manages to untie herself and comes after Velvet and knocks her out with an equally vicious sleeper hold.. When Velvet wakes up, she finds herself trapped in her own Magic Act but she's freaking out because Cherri was never taught how to do the trick properly and safely..!! Freaking out is not quite the word as the saw is turned on and.. well.. erhm.. I'll leave the ending for you to enjoy.. (keep listening at the end for a hilarious comment by Delyte who was acting as safety backup for this video)


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