LF042 No More Fun - Cherri vs Jake (Custom Video)

43 Minutes M vs F straddles, pins and face sit action.

Cherri's discovered that her leacherous step-dad had hired someone to take care of her mom for the insurance money and to get his hands on her. He's always had the hots for the petite red head and basically is trying to get to her through her mom. Needless to say this doesn't sit well with the naive but psychotic young lady! She hatches a plan with her mom that they will beat him to the punch in order to save her mom. But they have to make sure it looks like an accident so that the cops won't find out that they had to take matters in their own hands in self-defence.

So she calls him over for the set up. When her step-dad arrives and is offered a drink, Cherri acts it all up sweet and innocent, flirting with him to lull him into a sense of false safety. Little does he know that Cherri spiked his drink. So when he starts making comments about how hot she is and how he's always wanted her, Cherri gets up to dance and pose for him. Sure enough, what ever she's put in his drink is having telling effects as he starts to lose his composure and ability to function and passes out cold on the floor. He's out for the count. That was a lot easier to do than what Cherri first thought it would be..

However, just as she's telling her mom over the phone that their plan had succeeded, her leacherous step-dad groggily wakes up and starts making his moves on her. What ever it was she's put in his drink is not having the effect they had hoped for. If anything, it's simply made him even more leacherous and in need of sweet Cherri! Ut Oh! All he has on his mind is getting his hands on the gorgeous red head. Poor Cherri is trying to figure out what to do about this situation but doesn't know how to handle such a groggy perverted lech. She tries to eject him out of her home but he keeps making weakened attempts to get it on with his step-daughter but lucky for Cherri, his groggy state makes him an easy enough of a push over to get him down and try to keep him down. No matter what she does to fend him off keeps turning him on which simply exasperates the situation.

Cherri manages to get her legs around his neck and scirror him unconcious. Thinking she's got the job done this time, she's sadly disapointed to find him not only waking up but even more leacherous and grabby for her bod. No matter what she does to him, she can't get her step-dad to stay down! But it's a good thing he's in a weakened state as she can push him around just enough to get him into holds to pound on his frame to try and keep him down and off of her. But he's extremely persisitent to say the least. He wants her, and he wants her in a bad way! It's all Cherri can do to keep his hands off of her. Even a well executed sleeper hold can keep him out long enough as he keeps coming back for more.

Poor Cherri resorts to choking him but soon realises that doing this will leave tell tale signs for the cops to discover that it wasn't natural causes or an accident that put him away. She quickly decides that she's best off to smother him under her thighs. However, this is like heaven for her perverted step-dad. While she's trying to smother him, his hands keep roaming trying to grope Cherri but she manages to fend off his hands with punches to the chest and belly.

Soon enough, Cherri's step-dad starts to realise that all the fun he's having also makes it difficut for him to breeze with Cherri sitting on his face. All his wildest dreams of getting his hands on his gorgeous step-daughter has now turned into a nightmare as he desperately tries to get breath. Getting weaker as time goes on, Cherri has no trouble to keep him down and keep him from breathing.

Struggle as he may, Cherri's step-dad isn't able to get the petite red head off his face as he attempts to get air. Slowly but surely, his struggles wear down to nothing and he goes limp. Wanting to make sure he's not going to wake up again like before, Cherri gets back in position and ensures that the job will be finally done, and done right! Poor guy, smothered out by the gorgeous red head, thiking it was going to be all fun and play but ended up in a nightmarish situation.

That'll teach him for messing around with the wrong women!

43 Minutes of M vs F straddles and face sits.

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