LF043 Velvet's PayBack - Velvet vs Tigra

32 Minutes of one on one revenge beat down.

Sometimes, real life situations play into some of our video work. And though we're known for how 'realistic and not real' our video work can be, the fine line between reality and realism is quite gray when when emotions get involved.

At a previous Ladyfist video clips shoot, Tigra ended up hurting Velvet and didn't apologize for it. Velvet vowed never to work with Tigra again because of her attitude and lack of respect. To make amends for her transgressions, Tigra agreed to be Velvet's 'beat down girl' for the next video shoot where she wouldn't be in a position to apply holds or strike at Velvet. Hopefully, I thought, this would help to smooth things out between these two excellent ladies.

This suited Velvet just fine, but, unknown to us, she had plans of her own. Little did we know she was hell bent of getting some payback on the petite but tough red head.

Tigra, tough petite, is one heck of a tough woman and she certainly won't let her opponent know they've either caused her some pain or that she's suffering because of them. When Tigra realizes that Velvet's hits and holds are a lot more 'real than realistic', she bites the bullet and takes what ever Velvet has to dish out to her. No way in hell is Tigra ever going to let Velvet know she got the best of her. Unfortunately, Velvet doesn't care what Tigra thinks and she knows her hits and holds are having the desired effect.

There's not premise story to this video, just pure mayhem beat down. action from start to finish as Velvet exacts her vicious revenge on poor Tigra. Tough as she may be, there is only so much the petite red head can take..

Velvet starts off with Tigra trapped in a solid abdominal stretch hold which allows the freedom to pull Tigra back to expose her tight little belly and lay some huge fists into her cruelly exposed abs. Claws and punches emphasizes Velvet's anger as she doubles over her petite victim with each blow.

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Letting Tigra fall to the floor, Velvet yanks her back up by the hair and stretches her back once again across her own back as poor Tigra endures the punishment. Legs dangling, abs stretched and back in pain, Tigra has to tap out to be dropped to the floor but Velvet doesn't give her a chance to breath as she pulls her up again with a brutal reverse hangman. With a hand on her throat and pulling back on her ankle, Velvet's going to make Tigra pay. Hanging in there for all she's worth, Tigra's feeling this one as it weakens her more. Velvet is not just out to win a match, she's out to beat Tigra down.


With arms trapped back and bent back, Tigra's fully exposed belly is subjected to some devastating punches and knee lifts which doubles her over. Regardless of the pain, Tigra won't give Velvet the satisfaction of knowing how much it really hurts nor does she seek to give in quickly. Down on the floor once again, Tigra is stomped and kicked in the belly. Velvet has developed quite the vicious streak in her as she steps on Tigra's arm to keep her wide open as she stomps down hard onto Tigra's battered belly.


Yanked up by her hair again, Tigra is unceremoniously draped across Velvet's knee and brutally punched in the belly while bent back, unable to defend herself in such a precarious and dangerous position. Velvet returns to Tigra who is now in a horribly cruel trapped position, laid out for what ever Velvet wants to do and all she wants to do is beat down hard on Tigra's belly. Drilling her fist deep into Tigra's exposed abs, leaving her belly red and bruised. Poor Tigra is completely helpless and unable to endure this brutality and finally comes to the realization that Velvet's out for her suffering as each fist digs deep and long into her already destroyed belly.

Velvet pulls Tigra up by and arm, rolls her side ways and drives several solid kicks with horrible telling effects as they crash into the poor girl's mid section, catching a rib here and there. Velvet's out for revenge in a big way, and she doesn't care if Tigra can endure them or not, she just wants to hurt the red head, and hurt her good.


Velvet gave Tigra enough time to catch her breath lest she passes out prematurely but returns to the action with Tigra pulled back against Velvet's knees in a modified double-arm choke back breaker. With her feet in Tigra's lower back, Velvet enjoys herself as she can see the pain on Tigra's face as she bends the little gal back in this impossibly painful hold.


When Tigra finally falls off this position, Velvet rolls her over and mounts Tigra to get her into a painful camel clutch hold, crashing fists into Tigra's outstretched and cruelly exposed belly. With her arms draped over Velvet's knees, Tigra has trouble enduing the punishment. Velvet is dishing out on her.

Velvet drags Tigra up to her feet and up against the wall to crash her fists into Tigra's belly, drops her to the floor and delivers a series of kicks to her belly. Once again, up to her feet goes Tigra with more shots to the abs to soften her up even more. Pinning her arms up against the wall, Velvet drills Tigra with more punches and knees until she can't stand anymore. Once on the floor though, Tigra's predicament worsens as Velvet camel clutches Tigra with a double arm choke variation. Poor Tigra not only suffers horrible lower back pain but is choked out as Velvet pulls back even harder. When she's finally out, Velvet drops unceremoniously drops Tigra on her face, unconscious.


When Tigra wakes up she finds herself draped across Velvet's back and brutally bent back, legs trapped and choked as Velvet enjoys herself. Next in line for the poor petite red head is a harsh bow and arrow as Velvet pulls back for all she's worth. Rolling Tigra on her back with her arms pinned above her, Velvet continues to deliver her hate revenge on Tigra with devastating punches to the abs. Weakened and hurt, poor Tigra has no place to go but take the hits as Velvet offers her vengeful hate on her nemesis.


"You're my bitch, now" says Velvet as she traps Tigra in a scissored hold to stretch her out for maximum exposure to her fists and claws. Clamping her thighs tight around Tigra's midriff and dropping powerful blows to her battered and destroyed abs, Velvet is truly enjoying this encounter like never before. Her fists leave tell tale marks against Tigra's soft flesh with each vicious blow. Finally, when she senses that Tigra's just about to pass out from the torture she's endured, Velvet rolls off the nearly unconscious. Tigra. But that's not enough for Velvet to call it even for what Tigra had done to her at the previous shoot. Pick up Tigra's arm and rolling her onto her side, she drops a series of large kicks to the poor defeated and defenseless girl's destroyed abs. Even as she was told we were running out of tape, Velvet kept kicking and stomping at the unconscious. and now non-responsive Tigra.

You have to hand it to Tigra, she's tough and she can take a lot of punishment. but what Velvet did to her was above and beyond what Tigra could handle.

This video will appeal to the beat down fans, with lots of belly attacks, back breakers and camel clutches and some new variations to those holds, this non-stop action packed video will certainly be a fan favourite.


NOTE: Please make an archival backup of your videos in case of hard drive crashes. We will NOT be able to replace your lost videos.