LF044 Tickled Rivalry - Aiden vs Crystal

47 Minutes of tickle fight, brutal belly beat down and back breakers.

Right after Thanksgiving, long time friends, Aiden and Crystal, joined up for a get together to chat about their holiday visits with family. It's at this time that Aiden discovers that Crystal is very ticklish after hearing the story how Crystal's cousin tickled the hell out of her. Feeling quite playful, Aiden goes after Crystal's ticklish spots and both gals end up on the floor trying to tickle each other out. But when Crystal shoves Aiden off, the game changes and their long pent up hidden rivalry comes to the surface as the tension mounts.

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Aiden always fancied herself as the tougher gal between the two and Crystal, in no way shape or form, would ever give Aiden the satisfaction of ever knowing or finding out if she is or not. So after a few scratches are shared due to heavy tickling attempts, the gals step it up and the slaps and punches start to fly.


Aiden is quite happy with herself as she easily mounts Crystal to pin her down and taunts her with a few punches and scratches and a few nasty tricks of her own...but is surprised when Crystal manages to toss her off and catch her in a cross chest body scissors. Crunching down with her powerful legs, she knocks the air out of Aiden's lungs, not to mention putting a hurt on her ribs!


But what really puts the torture onto Aiden is when Crystal traps her in a dreaded and potentially crippling standing figure four leg lock. For what seems like an eternity for Aiden, Crystal holds her there in the cruel hold and drops huge fists in Aiden's exposed belly every time she arches her back to relieve the pressure on her hips and legs from Crystal's hold. Aiden's not ready to submit anytime soon, she's got a high pain threshold and she's not ready to give in to her friend, no matter what!

But unfortunately, Crystal makes that classic novice mistake of having her long thick hair within range of a pissed off foe as Aiden yanks at Crystal's hair and takes her down to the floor and gets on top of her rival. Ignoring the pain in legs, Aiden has nothing on mind more than bringing a world of hurt onto her opponent. And this is something Aiden excels at, with extreme prejudice!


Straddling on top of Crystal, Aiden pummels her belly and mauls her chest, soliciting screams and shrieks of pain from her friend. Poor Crystal's arms are pinned under Aiden and can't offer any resistance let alone the ability to defend herself or cover herself from Aiden's vicious attacks.

You've heard the term "punch drunk" or "drunk with pain"? Poor Crystal succumbs to so much pain her brain nearly shuts down from the abuse but she's dead set determined not to submit to Aiden or give her the satisfaction of letting her know she has any effect. Unfortunately, the effects are telling and poor Crystal doesn't know any better at this point to shut up as she continues to egg on Aiden that her blows are week and that she's waiting to see what else she's got. All of this doesn't bother Aiden any as the lady has a vicious mean streak in her as she continues to brutalize her half conscious foe.


Unable to resist Aiden's attacks, poor Crystal is horribly bent back across Aiden's knee and belted in the lower abs as Aiden pulls down on Crystal's pants to expose more belly. Crystal doesn't even know where she is at this point but that she's being beaten on. Refusing to pass out from the horrific beating put on her by Aiden, Crystal is rag dolled up and across Aiden's back and stretched out more, causing pain and suffering to her abused back.

Falling off Aiden's back, Crystal can barely respond to being set up for a dose of crashing stomps to the belly. She takes quite a few hits that literally shook the floor, indicating how hard Aiden was stomping on her friend, trying to make her submit but to no avail. Barely aware of her surroundings, hapless Crystal is draped upside down from the sofa and administered a long dose of metered belly punches, drilling deep into her lower abs until she's falls off the sofa onto the floor. At this point, Crystal's body is telling her, finally, that it's time to give up the ghost on this confrontation and she wants to go home. Unfortunately for her, Aiden's not quite done with her friend as she dishes out more brutal belly punches and back breaking Boston Crab hold, looking to impart a lasting reminder on her opponent.


It's a good thing these ladies are friends, I'd hate to see if they really hated each other at the beginning of the story!

This is a video that will certainly appeal to the tickling fighting, belly punching and back breaker fans. Crystal took one hell of a beating in this video. So much so that Aiden's fist were raw from landing such ferocious blows and she had trouble continuing the punching, forcing her to use her feet to stomp Crystal. Tough as she may be, poor Crystal couldn't stand up to Aiden's determination to ensure her standing amongst the Ladyfist women. Ouch!


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