LF045 Interviewed - Thera vs Cherri

45 Minutes of back and forth action, belly punches, scissors and knockout finish.

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Cherri placed an ad looking for a phone receptionist for her prestigious business to which Thera shows up for an interview in hopes of landing the job. Cherri takes her job as boss very seriously and expects a certain level of professionalism from her employees and expects anyone showing up for an interview to at least make an effort to impress her. Unfortunately, when Thera shows up for an interview, she shows up in regular street clothes and this does nothing to improve Cherri's mood. Right away the fur starts to fly as both women get into a heated argument about proper dress and deportment.


Thera's certainly not impressed with Cherri's high horse attitude and storms off but is quickly yanked back into the room as Cherri grabs her by the hair and berates the blond. Belly punches are exchanged and both women end up rolling on the floor with double hair pulls and vicious body scissors.

What starts off as a soft fight quickly escalates to an all out war between these ladies as hair is pulled, bodies are scissored. Quickly fighting for supremacy, they flip flop back and forth as one straddles the other and delivers face slaps and body punches.


Stronger and tougher than Cherri, Thera manages to torture her opponent with hair pulls and mangling her legs. Back and forth these two women go after each other with insults and brutal hits and holds.



After suffering Thera's brutality, Cherri finally manages to turn the tables and has her turn at inflicting as much pain as possible on her antagonist. All's fair in a fight as Cherri goes after Thera's toes, trying to pull them apart and biting into them with gusto! Thera's tough but man, toe biting?! OUCH!


Don't worry though, Thera manages to knock Cherri off her back and goes to town on the petite red head Cherri.. Using a variety of holds and hits, she makes sure that the mouthy little bitch will remember this interview for a long time.



Poor Cherri has to endure the humiliation of not only being taken down but put out in her own office.. Let the next girl who comes in for an interview find out who walks out as boss.. Talk about being interviewed!

Post Fight Footage: There's a surprise additonal footage of what happened after the fight shoot when things got a little carried away when someone confused realistic with real and all hell broke loose!


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