LF046 Sleeping Tigra - Thera vs Tigra (Custom Video)

56 Minutes of non stop intense Sleeper Holds, knockouts, one sided beat down..

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Our tough petite red head Tigra is gearing up for a match later that week and exercises every chance she gets. Unfortunately, her roommate Thera isn't appreciative that Tigra's schedule means she's bouncing around and exercising at midnight when Thera's got to get up early in the morning!

Tigra's attitude disgusts Thera and she shoves Tigra to make her point. However, Tigra, not used to being shoved around attacks Thera and takes her down and pummels on her until Thera breaks out with a low cheap shot that incapacitates Tigra long enough for Thera to slap on her favourite hold, the Sleeper Hold. Clamping her arms tightly around Tigra neck, she applies constant pressure until Tigra's eyes roll back, showing the white of her eyes like flags of surrender. Down goes Tigra, out like a light..


Thera obviously enjoys her position over Tigra and trash talks the unconscious red head and then, just as Tigra starts to regain consciousness, Thera puts Tigra in another Sleeper Hold and rolls her back and forth like a rag doll until eventually, Tigra's eyes rolls to the back of her head as she passes out once more. Tough Thera has no pity on poor Tigra as she tosses her opponent to the floor.

Thera wakes Tigra with a solid punch to the belly, curling up her victim with pain. Unable to defend herself and barely conscious, Tigra is brutalized by Thera who is truly enjoying herself by punching Tigra's body until she wraps Tigra's arm around her own neck and applies yet another Sleeper Hold, causing Tigra's eyes to roll back. Trash talking Tigra, Thera rag-dolls her helpless victim like a pit bull on a poodle until she's out once again.


Thera's not going to give Tigra any rest as she drops a knee into the unconscious red head's belly to wake her up. Pulling her up by the hair, Thera shoves Tigra against the wall, clamps her hand over Tigra's mouth to stifle the screams as she knees and drops fists into Tigra's already battered belly. Unable to defend herself, Tigra is being suffocated and punched at the same time until once again, Thera slaps on another Sleeper Hold on the poor girl.. But instead of knocking her out completely, Thera abuses poor Tigra with more punches to the belly as the poor girl lays there trying to recover.


Showing off her extreme viciousness, Thera 'temple drills' Tigra unconscious by twisting her knuckles into Tigra's temples which renders the poor girl unconscious due to the incredible pain.. Not just once.. When Tigra passes out again, Thera humiliates Tigra by treating her as an unconscious puppet.. Out like a light, Tigra is subject to more humiliation as Thera walks around the unconscious red head and pokes at her with her foot and sets Tigra up for more brutal belly punches.. Straddling her weakened victim, Thera crosses her own arms across Tigra's wind pipe to knock her out over and over again. You can tell there's no love loss for Tigra as Thera abuses the poor Tigra.


Over and over, Thera tortures and torments her victim with more kicks, hits and Sleeper Holds. All she wants to do it punish Tigra for her insolence and attitude. Tigra, weakened from such a beating, is completely helpless to defend herself against Thera's angry attacks.



Thera certainly enjoys herself with new and creative ways to make Tigra suffer, by suffocating Tigra, bear hugging her so hard as to deny her of breath, anything to drive home an important lesson.


There's no saving Tigra in this video.. Thera goes to town on the feisty red head from beginning to end. I wouldn't actually call this a beat down.. Ok it is a brutal and devastating beat down for Tigra who has to suffer countless knockouts, punches and Sleeper Holds, all the while Thera trash talks her. It only took her an hour, but Thera managed to get Tigra to be quiet for the night.. All night from the looks of it..

For all you Knock Out, Sleeper Holds and one sided Beat Down fans, you're going to absolutely love THIS video! Though Tigra is one of our toughest fighters, she didn't have a chance against the more powerful Thera. Don't miss this one!


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