LF047 Submit, Submit - Aiden vs Crystal (custom Video)

47 Minutes of Bloody brutal crotch and breast attacks, a one sided beat down.

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Tough gal Aiden recounts the events of her recent match against Sunny for the Hardcore title where she obliterated Sunny. Just then, Crystal comes crashing in and confronts Aiden for having fooled around with her boyfriend. Aiden's caught by surprise that the less experienced Crystal could be so bold as to actually challenge her after what she's done to Sunny. They strike a deal; if Crystal wins, she keeps her boyfriend AND gets Aiden's Hard Core belt.. And if Aiden wins, she gets the boyfriend..

Aiden cracks Crystal a hard slap to the face. Holding her cheek, Crystal declares "just fucking bring it!" Still on a sadistic high from her recent victory, Aiden has it in her mind that she's going to make another example by beating the hell out of Crystal in such a way that everyone will remember, especially Crystal.

Aiden methodically attacks Crystal's legs by kicking her knees and thighs until the poor girl can't stand up anymore, just what Aiden was looking for, making her victim helpless for more torture.


With her knee and thigh battered, Crystal howls in pain as Aiden slaps on a punishing figure four leg lock, taking great pleasure in making Crystal scream in pain, making her scream her submission but those screams fall on uncaring ears. It's like music to Aiden which encourages her to be more vicious than required to defeat her opponent. Aiden's out for brutality on a level unexpected by Crystal.

Barely able to respond to Aiden's handling, Crystal is subjected to repeated horrific kicks to the crotch that leave her gasping for breath, barely able to scream out "I submit, I submit!" Stalking her semi conscious victim, Aiden takes on a maniacal rage that spells disaster for Crystal as she's subjected to a ghastly camel clutch and suffers painful breast and nipple maulings as Aiden seeks to make Crystal pay for her insolence for even thinking of challenging her. Muffling Crystal's screams with a hand over her mouth, Aiden relishes the pain she inflicts on poor Crystal's breasts and nipples. Aiden is like a woman possessed!


Poor Crystal is made to suffer through some extremely brutal breast mauling, slaps and punches as Aiden truly enjoys her task at hand. Trapped and unable to defend herself, Crystal is half crazed with the pain racing through her sensitive and by now, bruised and gouged breasts. Arms pinned to her sides, Crystal absorbs horrible punches and slaps to her tormented breasts. Low belly punches, and stomps to the chest, heel grinding in add much to her suffering.



Feeling the need to brutalize her opponent in the standing position, Aiden yanks Crystal up to her feet.. not by the hair, no that would be too easy.. Maniacal Aiden grabs two hand fulls of Crystal's breasts and pulls her up off the floor and slams her up against the wall where she can really do some more damage to poor Crystal who, by now, is in so much pain she doesn't realise where she is. With knees to the crotch, punches and slaps to the chest, and augering deep belly punches, Aiden goes to town on her hapless victim.


Down on the floor again, poor Crystal endures more brutality on a level never seen experienced before and not soon forgotten. Aiden takes particular attention to Crystal's nipple rings and uses them to maliciously inflict more pain to her victim. Kicks to the back, ribs, chest and belly have telling effects on her victim, as do the stomps and heel grinds to the chest. There's no stopping Aiden now. Best as we can figure it, she's making a statement to the other gals at Crystal's expense. After much mauling and attacks, Crystal is left with a bleeding wound to her chest, thanks to Aiden. The sight of blood only encourages the Maniacal One..


Oh but wait, it's not over yet.. Grabbing her nearly unconscious victim by the legs, and spreading her legs wide, Aiden kicks and stomps at Crystal's already abused crotch. With such devastating punishment, Crystal white under pants show signs of how much abuse she's taken thus far. The sight of blood again encourages Aiden to step it up some more. More kicks, stomps and heel grinds, this time to the crotch break down poor Crystal's ability to respond to much of what Aiden's doing now, giving her carte blanche to do as she pleases.. And beating the hell out of Crystal is what pleases her best!


Yanked up by the hair and frontal wedgie, Crystal is once again slammed to the wall where she's hammered on by Aiden for so long and so hard that blood comes pouring out of Crystal's mouth, like in the old Martial Arts movies. She's so rigid with pain racing through her body, she can't even fall down and suffers more under Aiden's sadistic brutality.


Down she goes for the count, but it's not over yet, not by far.. Aiden isn't too tired yet as to deliver more brutal kicks and attacks to Crystal's crotch and chest.. However, all that is good must come to an end, thankfully for Crystal!

To add insult to injury and humiliating Crystal, AND being the sadistic bitch that she is, Aiden helps herself to one of Crystal's nipple rings as a trophy to remember this moment. Unconscious and battered, Crystal is left a bloody heap of mess on the floor as Aiden walks away triumphant. And without remorse.



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