LF049 Wonder Girl's Beatdown - Crystal vs Aiden (custom video)

46 Minutes. Superheroine vs Villain belly punching, crotch kicking, back breakers and knockouts (chloroform & sleeper)

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A classic battle between good and evil, featuring Wonder Girl vs The Vampire Villainess.

Fed up with the meddlesome WG's ways, Vamp lays out an evil plan to capture and torture her antagonist. She suspects the Super Heroine's alter ego is Dana from the local University but she's not 100% sure so she sets up a fake interview to lure the young lady into her lair so she can do her harm. The Vamp discovered that WG's super powers can be drained from her body if only the Villainess can sink her teeth into Wonder Girl's flesh and savour her powers. Vamp has an overwhelming power lust for her young opponent and she craves to get her hands and her teeth into WG.

When Dana arrives, she is hypnotized and made to answer her antagonist's queries to reveal her true identity as Wonder Girl. Ordered to remove her sweater also confirms the fact of her alter ego. The Villainess orders WG to strike a pose so she can hammer in some solid punches with no telling effects due to WG's super powers. But like every megalomaniac super villain, Vamp monologues to the camera allowing WG to regain her faculties and now the struggle for survival commences!


Having dealt WG a crippling bite to the neck and sampling some of her super powers which course through her veins, Vamp's lust for WG's power mount to unprecedented levels. Now, Vamp needs more of WG's powers, more of WG herself as she continues her assault on the now weakened Super Heroine.. Poor WG can barely defend herself as she's subjected to punishing blows to the belly, claw rakes across her soft tender belly.


Enjoying her new felt powers and lusting for more of WG's essence, Vamp goes all out to brutalize poor WG with spine cracking camel clutches and humiliating mauling. Trapping WG's arms behind her, Vamp stretches out Wonder Girl, bending her in ways she shouldn't be bent, leaving her cruelly vulnerable to more attacks to the belly with fists and clawing. Not satisfied with just beating on her opponent, Vamp wants to humiliate the goody two shoes Super Heroine and offers her some painful frontal wedgies.


Dragging the hapless WG by the hair and walking her like a puppy, Vamp enjoys herself as she bends Wonder Girl over her shoulders and tries to bend the poor girl in two. Vamp is nearly beside herself with lust for Wonder Girl's super powers and hungrily desires her powers as she caresses and mauls her defenseless victim.

With a pass of the chloroform cloth, Vamp drops WG like a brick and continues to assault her victim. Hardly capable of defending herself, poor WG endures more cruelty from her opponent as she's beaten down and made to suffer. A second pass of the chloroformed cloth renders WG unconscious once again, this time permitting Vamp the opportunity to hungrily sample more of WG's essence of super powers as she bites deeply into WG's neck.


Poor WG, weakened by so much loss of her super powers which only increases Vamp's own super powers and evilness, is now put through more cruelty and punishment as Vamp stomps and punches on her victim, delivering several horrible crotch kicks to her crying victim. Weakened, abused and brutalized, WG's ordeal isn't over as Vamp rams her knee repeatedly into the prone Super Heroine's crotch to make her point. To add insult to injury, Vamp curls her evil arms around WG's head and neck for a powerful sleeper hold, knocking her victim out cold. Limp, defeated and humiliated, Wonder Girl is ragged dolled by Vamp who is thoroughly enjoying herself now that she had WG exactly where she wants her; defenseless and vulnerable to her evil ways.


Wonder Girl awakens to find herself tied up and at Vamp's complete mercy, knowing that just ONE more bite from Vamp's fangs draining the remainder of her super power essence will leave her completely helpless and turn her into a mere mortal without any super powers what so ever! Vamp decides to make her last bite a memorable one..


Will Wonder Girl survive the day? Will Vamp get her ultimate wish? Will there be a part 2 to the series? Stay tuned and find out later!


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