LF055 - No More Fun II featuring Bobbie Blush vs Jake (custom video)

43 Minutes of perilous scissoring,  face sitting, straddling M vs F Action.

Here we go again with Jake looking for a quick cash payday by trying to set up a knock off of a hot rich older babe and collecting the insurance money.. But like every other time he tries this same idea, it backfires on him and he ends up paying the ultimate price.

Bobbie Blush's mom hired Jake as her estate gardener to take care of the grounds. Being the evil dirtbag, he quickly romances the mother, and gets himself put into her Will so that if anything happens to the Mom, Jake inherits millions! And he's evil enough to make sure that happens sooner than later.

Jake is overheard talking on his cell phone with an alleged hit man, setting up the nefarious deed that will set him up for life in the fast lane. Fortunately, Bobbie Blush overhears his dastardly plans to get rid of her mom and she decides to set him up for a taste of his own medicine.

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LF053 LF053 LF053

Being the cute and innocent girl that she is, Bobbie spikes a drink intended for Jake with some weird concoction she believes will put him away for good and keep her mom safe. Bobbie lures Jake back into the house, offers Jake the drink and tries to play pretty to distract him from the drink's weird taste. Jake is so lecherous and lusting for Bobbie, he hardly notices kick in as he slowly but surely loses consciousness and crumples to the floor, out like a light.

Thinking her plan to do away with Jake worked, Bobbie is horrified to discover Jake is waking up, very groggy and highly aroused. Not sure what she put in the drink but it's not doing what it's supposed to do, in fact it's doing the very opposite. Trying to come up with a backup plan, Bobbie tries to distract Jake once again with talk of a bubble bath but soon realizes that Jake is getting very horny and lecherous towards her and soon has to fight off his creepy advances. She's hoping that the longer she stalls him, the more time the poison will have a chance to take effect but no dice. All it's doing is making Jake more 'happy hands' as he gropes at Bobbie, trying to cop a cheap feel.

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LF053 LF053 LF053

Fed up with his clumsy advances and groping hands, Bobbie has no choice but to fight him off using what she knows how to do best. She catches him between her legs and tries to scissor the air out of him, hoping to knock him out but though he's half lucid, he still has some strength to him and is able to endure her vise-like scissors. In fact, due to his state, he's quite enjoying it which frustrates Bobbie even more. What is she going to do to put this evil lecherous guy away!? Through perserverence and determination, Bobbie is able to knock Jake out a few times with her thighs around his neck but everytime, Jake wakes up and in an even more lecherous condition, and more determined to get his hands all over Bobbie.

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LF053 LF053 LF053

Try as she may, scissoring, straddling, and smacking his hands away from her breasts, Bobbie is now struggling for her survival because she knows if Jake gets out of this, he's going to bring harm to Bobbie and her mom. Jake, being the dirt bag he's always been, quite enjoys his little struggle with the gorgeous brunette and lets her beat on him and do her holds on him. He even finds it amusing, though at some point painful but hey, he's got the babe grappling with him. He's loving it.. for now! He especially loves it when Bobbie sits on his face to shut him up and hopes to suffocate him but Jake is able to push her up a little and get breathing space and admires her beauty from this position. Poor Bobbie is desperate to put him away but he keeps grabbing at her breasts and her ass, pulling her bikini top open. Bobbie is so disgusted with this creep, she needs to finish him off, but she's determined!

Frustrated that nothing works on getting this guy to stay down, Bobbie clamps her thighs together and puts her full weight on Jake. All we can hear are his muffled comments as he's enjoying himself... but wait... now Jake is realizing that fun is fun but he's quickly coming short of breath not being able to get air! His previously joyful time under Bobbie has now become his struggle for survival as Bobbie grinds herself into Jake's face, with thighs closed and holding him down as she now feels her efforts are having the desired effect. Slowly but surely, Jake gets weaker and weaker, and more desperate to get Bobbie off his face but while he was foolishly enjoying himself under her, he was getting weaker and weaker and now cannot toss her off or get air to survive.

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Realizing her goal is near, Bobbie presses down hard and grinds herself into Jake's face, knowing it won't be long now before he's out and done with! Like a crazed woman on a mission (well she is, really), Bobbie squeezes for all she's worth to ensure that hopefully this will be the end of Jake and no one will ever have to suffer his lecherous evil again.

Sure enough, after a long and agonizing (and sexy) face sitting session, there is no more struggle coming out of Jake.. Could it be? Could he be finally out like a light? Bobbie has to make sure and sits harder on him to make sure he's out..

Satisfied she's put him out, Bobbie drags Jake out of the house and out to the woods like a dirty bag of garbage that he is. Finally, Bobbie feels she and her mom are safe from Jake once and for all..

But is she?!

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This video will appeal to F vs M fans who appreciate great scissoring and facesitting action.


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