LF057 - Still The Best! Featuring Aiden vs Bobbie Blush

55 Minutes of Figure Leg Locks, Belly Punching

The Maniacal Diva, Aiden is certainly one of those women around here that doesn't have much respect for anyone, especially for Bobbie Blush who is starting to think she's all tough and can handle herself. It's getting kind of annoying around here to be honest. Win a match or two and she thinks she's queen shit. But not in Aiden's eyes. When these two hell cats get into an argument about Bobbie's recent video with Renee, the challenge is made and the gals go to town on each other. The fact that it's a hot muggy night out with no air conditioning doesn't help either women's disposition so their fuses are short. Anything can happen.

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Circling each other like two hungry lionesses, Bobbie and Aiden stalk each other and trade shots, belly punches and knee lifts to the gut with telling effect. After getting caught short by Bobbie knee lift, Aiden decides she'll show the bitch a thing or two with a devastating figure four leg lock that leaves Bobbie in a perilous position with no way out. Knowing she's got the control over Bobbie, Aiden puts on the pressure just to ensure Bobbie remembers this one. Her cries of pain fall on deaf ears as Aiden tries to destroy poor Bobbie's legs in this prolonged and brutally torturous hold. But to add insult to much injury, Aiden calls for Bobbie's submission but Bobbie refuses give Aiden the pleasure of hearing her submit, but eventually even Bobbie can only take so much pain and suffering and screams out her submission. Aiden, being the ultimate bitch that she is, isn't happy with just having Bobbie submit, but she tortures poor Bobbie some more before finally releasing the hold, and spits on her hapless victim as she walks away.

LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie

Aiden comes back to Bobbie after while and methodically beats on her weakened victim as she monologues her way through each hit, as only Aiden can do it. Poor Bobbie suffers through knee lifts and kicks to the belly as Aiden brutalizes her victim at will. Just as she goes to bite down on Bobbie's toes, she receives a blow to the belly but she quickly recovers to pin down and beat on Bobbie's belly with her fists and feet. Aiden eventually traps Bobbie in a crushing body scissors, mixed with hair pulling and another deep blow to the belly. Bobbie knows she's got to get to her feet lest she falls prey to more of Aiden's abuse and when the two tangle up again, she manages to drop the Maniacal Diva with a well placed knee lift to the gut which takes the wind out of Aide sails for a bit but leave it to Aiden to turn it around once again and beat the hell out of Bobbie with more punches and knee lifts to the belly. Down goes Bobbie, exhausted and hurt. But not hurt enough as Aiden delivers a cruel kick to the crotch!

LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie

Back and forth they go, with Aiden taking much of the fight to Bobbie but every once in a while, Bobbie gets her licks in but quickly goes down when she's tagged hard by Aiden. After a back breaking camel clutch, poor Bobbie gets another kick to the crotch followed up by a rib crunching knee lift. Down goes poor Bobbie again. This time, the over confident Aiden gets caught by the hair and dragged down to the floor where Bobbie returns the favour with a loud thudding kick to Aiden's crotch before she's trapped between Bobbie's legs. This gal has some awesome thighs for crushing abs. Even while trapped and squeezed, Aiden clowns around but soon gives it up when Bobbie exacts her just revenge on Aiden.

LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie

Belly punches and tight scissors take their toll on Aiden, especially when Bobbie places her hand over Aiden's mouth and nose and makes her chose between squeeze or breathe. Cruel! Bobbie is desperate to inflict as much damage as possible on Aiden to survive this encounter. Pinned under Bobbie, Aiden suffers painful belly punches and neck scissors as Bobbie tries to put the Maniacal bitch away, especially when Aiden resorts to biting to break free but to no avail as Bobbie increases the intensity of the fight to bring her opponent down for the count. Wild and desperate, these two hell cats scream and howl as pain and punishment is inflicted back and forth. Aiden takes a wild shellacking as Bobbie tries new tactics to bring her foe down.

You can tell the heat and humidity is taking effect on these gals as they try to fight off exhaustion, as well as each other. At this point of the fight it would appear as if Bobbie might be able to pull off an upset as she brutalizes the hell out of Aiden, delivering several crotch kicks on top of everything else she does to her.

LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie LF057 Still the Best Aiden vs Bobbie

Eventually the battle of attrition isn't getting them anywhere, so after a mutual hair pulling that doesn't get them anywhere, they agree to settle it once and for all with a one for one belly punching competition. Even here they can't agree to agree to the same thing so it's one punch for punch to the belly, to see who's the toughest bitch around here, to see who's the best! What doesn't help Aiden are the three burgers she had before the encounter. Back and forth the ladies trade punches, accentuated with trash talk and lack of respect. They're out for blood and neither wants to show the other how much it may hurt. But soon enough everything falls apart as Aiden decides to play it by her own rules and with total disregard to Bobbie wails on her bruised belly, raining blow after blow, breaking down Bobbie with each hit.

But all good things must come to an end and Aiden traps Bobbie with a tight double arm choke that renders her beaten victim unconscious.

Bobbie gave it a good try but came up short against the Maniacal Diva, Aiden.

This 55 minute video is practically full of non-stop action, both women beating the hell out of each other to prove who is the best, and though both women take a hell of a beating, only one can be declared 'still the best'!


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