LF062 - Rag Doll featuring Bobbie Blush vs Tigra

37 Minutes of exciting 1 on 1 fight action, domination and humiliation as one girl beats down the other for a twist ending.

After Tigra had her encounter with The Enforcer in LF060, she decided she's going to have to scale down her opponents so she readily agreed to fight Bobbie Blush is more her size. Shouldn't be too hard, right? As you remember Tigra from the past, though everyone loves her as the Jobber Girl of the site, this little she-devil can kick some serious ass. And she feels she needs to teach the new gals like Bobbie some old school stuff to bring the site roster back up to it's old glory days. Unfortunately for Tigra, Bobbie thinks that everything is fine the way it is and that the petite little red head needs to be put in her place. And after what she did to Jenna Blaze in LF061, Bobbie is roaring to kick some more bitch ass!

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LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

Tigra barely gets into her "Hi I'm back" intro speech when Bobbie barges in and starts to pick a fight with our favourite petite red head. Tigra is in no mood to put up with Bobbie's BS but doesn't have much choice in the matter when she's attacked and taken down to the floor right away and is subjected to Bobbie's bitch tactics.

I'm not sure what Tigra was thinking, she appears not to be taking Bobbie seriously at first but after a few good hits to her taut abs she's quickly getting pissed and in a lot of pain as Bobbie scissors her petite victim. She's tough in her own rights but when Bobbie cranks on a vicious camel clutch on poor Tigra. Ever defiant, Tigra refuses to give in to Bobbie and is subjected to a harsh beating which eventually lands her in a tight sleeper hold that puts Tigra down and out. Bobbie is enjoying herself as she's never quite had an opponent as petite and light as Tigra is. She wants to make Tigra her new little dolly.. her own little Rag Doll..

LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

Bobbie takes her new rag doll and sits her down on the floor and braces her up against the sofa to aid her in stretching poor Tigra's legs apart, straining her inner thighs almost to the breaking point. Bobbie tosses Tigra to the floor once again, sits on her back and proceeds to crack the poor little girl's spin with a boston crab and a vicious foot in spine pull. Not content with just hurting Tigra's back, Bobbie humiliate the little girl by dragging her around like a bad little dog.

Tigra's problems are just starting as she's draped up and over Bobbie's knee from which Bobbie pummels her victim viciously in the belly. The winded Tigra is subjected to more scissoring which weakens her more until eventually she's neck scissored unconscious with a heavy HOM knockout. Out like a light and twitching, poor Tigra is subjected to more humiliating trash talk as Bobbie truly enjoys her work.

LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

Disorientated and confused, Tigra is pulled up onto the sofa to sit on Bobbie's lap and is then roughly pushed back for a painful bout of belly punching and clawing as Bobbie traps Tigra's arms under her feet. With a weakened back and belly, poor Tigra can't escape from the hold until she's squeezed, hammered and finally put down once again by Bobbie with a double arm choke. With her eyes rolling back and drooling onto her chin, Tigra finally passes out for the count but Bobbie's a bitch and pulls even while her victim is out, just to make sure.

LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

When Tigra awakens this time, she's fired up and lunges for Bobbie but is unfortunately beaten back down over Bobbie's knees for a horrible round of belly pounding and more punishment. With her arms pinned back, poor Tigra can't protect herself as Bobbie crashes her fists into the red heads tight belly. After a long round of belly torture, Bobbie decides it's time to bend that little spine of Tigra some more with a painful camel clutch, yanked back by the hair this time. Poor Tigra can only hang in there, waiting for her chance for revenge.. but when?! Adding insult to cruelty, Bobbie grabs Tigra's arms for a really deep pull to the rear, adding more pressure to Tigra's tortured back. But to really be a bitch, Bobbie decides to lift Tigra up off the floor by the hair and ankle for a horrific back breaker.

LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

Looking to expand her repertoire, Bobbie traps Tigra with a vice like scissors and put her foe down again with a HOM smothering. Poor Tigra, you can see her eyes roll back as she looses the ability to stay conscious. Bobbie is feeling especially strong and loving her new Rag Doll and she hoists her opponent up over her shoulders for a back breaker. Tossing Tigra to the sofa, Bobbie once again goes to work on Tigra's battered back and belly.

LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

Stretched out on the sofa between Bobbie's thighs, stretched out and clawed, Tigra is hammered hard in her belly, causing her to curl up in a ball.. But where Bobbie thinks this is weakening Tigra, all it's doing is enraging Tigra who manages to pull a cheap shot and nails Bobbie where it counts. And now, it's Bobbie's turn to find out what made Tigra one of our most popular Ladyfist girls as Tigra rips into Bobbie for a vicious round of scissoring, hair pulling, back bending and finally the big sleeper hold that finally puts Bobbie's reign of terror to an abrupt end.

LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra LF062 Rag Doll - Bobbie vs Tigra

Tigra is not only letting Bobbie know she's no one's little rag doll but she's also letting all the other ladies at Ladyfist that she's out for blood... Their blood!! You'll love the finale of this video as Tigra shows a side of her we've not really seen before.. Poor Bobbie.. and she thought she had this fight in the bag..

LF062 will definitely appeal to the Tigra fans out there but also to those enjoying a good round of back and forth battle with an exciting ending.


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