LF063 -No More, No More featuring Aiden vs Absynthe

39 Minutes of intense one sided beat down, with figure four leg locks and belly punching.

Aiden is in her glory in this video. The Maniacal Diva Aiden loves nothing better than to bitch down an opponent, and she's smaller and less experienced than Aiden is, the better the beat down!

When Absynthe shows up for a regular photo session, all hell breaks loose when the new gal verbally insults Aiden, not realizing how much of a temper or evil streak Aiden has. By the time we had the video camera in hand, Aiden had already sucker punched Absynthe, leaving laying prone on the mats. This fast paced action video kicks off from there..

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'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe

Towering over her opponent, Aiden quickly spins around and slaps on a solid Figure Four Leg Lock on Absynthe who hasn't figured out yet how much trouble she's found herself in. Dropper her leg across Absynthe's folder leg, Aiden shoots painful bolts of hurt up her trapped opponent's knee. Poor Absynthe has no where to go so she spits at Aiden but all she ends up doing is pissing off the vicious Aiden. Defiantly, Absynthe manages to break the hold but Aiden is quick on her feet and lands on top of Absynthe for a spine cracking Camel Clutch. Trash talking her opponent down Aiden enjoys herself as she brings more pain to her smaller victim.

Seeing how her first round of Fig Four Leg Lock was effective in punishing her victim, Aiden once again traps her victim in the same hold. Pulling hard on Absynthe's outstretched leg, Aiden cranks on the pressure causing Absynthe's back to arch and yelp in intense pain.

'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe

But don't Absynthe out yet, she once again manages to break out of the hold but is quickly entrapped between Aiden's thighs as she's scissored from behind. Crushing her opponent's ribs and robbing her of breathe, Aiden torments her victim with hair pulls but yet once again the feisty little Absynthe manages to escape the hold but is quickly pinned and belly punched to knock her down a notch or two. But Absynthe tosses her foe off of her and spits in her face before mounting Aiden to deliver her own belly punches but Aiden manages a sneak punch that stalls Absynthe's attacks.

'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe

Aiden manages to trap Absynthe once again in a powerful body scissors and yanks hard on her hair before trying to smother her out with a HOM. Poor helpless Absynthe, brutalized and weakened, is subjected to various back bending holds as Aiden seeks to punish the little wench. Bow and Arrow and Boston Crabs bring howls out of Aiden's victim. Straddling her opponent, Aiden humiliates her petite opponent with a forced face sit before stretching her out for a severe belly punching session.

'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe
'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe

Laughing maniacally, Aiden sets Absynthe up for a cross neck scissors and tries to snap her neck off her shoulders as Absynthe desperately tries to escape. But she's in for more punishment as Aiden stomps Absynthe's battered belly and delivers a brutal kick to the crotch that leaves little Absynthe severely broken.

'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe

Knowing she's got her victim just where she wants her, Aiden takes her time to brutalize and humiliate Absynthe with crotch attacks and bear hugs. Aiden's cruelty knows no limits as she delivers more kicks to Absynthe's bruised crotch. Oh but she's not quite done yet, even though Absynthe wishes it were.. Aiden outdoes herself with the most ignorant bitch talk.

Feeling it's nearly time to finish the job, Aiden introduces the new gal Absynthe to the dreaded Sleeper Hold! She put up a reasonable struggle but the weakened Absynthe can only hold for so long as Aiden clamps down hard but reprieves Absynthe for the time being as Aiden really wants to bring a lot of cruelty and brutality to this newcomer, Absynthe.

'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe 'LF063 Aiden vs Absynthe

Stretched, bent and battered, poor Absynthe faces the ultimate disgrace of finally being knocked out with a double arm choke out. Aiden is quite pleased with herself as she humiliates and belittles the petite Absynthe as the poor girl leans into Aiden, completely limp and out like a light.

LF063 is the video all Aiden fans will appreciate. For a newcomer, Absynthe almost made it through long enough to survive the assault handed to her by Aiden..This video will appeal to the Fig 4 leg lock and one sided beat down fans.


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