LF064 Long Distance Beatdown featuring Bobbie Blush vs Absynthe

36 Minutes of intense one sided beat down, with figure four leg locks and belly punching.

The new girl Absynthe is in desperate need to use Bobbie's cell phone to call her boyfriend who lives across the country. Needless to say, Bobbie isn't keen on the idea of letting the new girl rack up the hours on her cell phone so it's a no go. Being the defiant little cat fighter she is, Absynthe attacks Bobbie for the phone and quickly gets herself into a world of trouble as the nasty Bobbie isn't taking any shit from the petite little hellcat.

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LF064 LF064 LF064

Though Absynthe gets on Bobbie's back and thinks she's going to get what she wants, Bobbie quickly turns the tables on Absynthe and starts her beat down. Bobbie was feeling kinda bored that night but ha, bring on the little girl and bring on some pain. Bobbie's going to make mince meat out of poor Absynthe whether she likes it or not. Roughly manhandling her opponent, Bobbie starts off the match with a good spine bender after having drilled the phone's antenna deep into Absynthe's belly button.

LF064 LF064 LF064

After being dropped to the floor, Absynthe still hasn't learned her lesson and goes after Bobbie's phone again but is soon taken down and submitted to a painful session of leg splitter holds, Bobbie is going to find out how much this gal can spread her legs! But being nasty and evil is Bobbie's middle names as she bow and arrows her victim, soliciting screeches of pain and suffering from Absynthe.

Straddling her victim, Bobbie sets Absynthe up for a ribs crushing scissor hold and stretching her out. Bobbie doesn't give Absynthe a moment's respite as she rolls her back and forth as she pulls her arms back, stretching her abs, thrusting Absynthe's chest out as she crushes in on her ribs.

LF064 LF064 LF064

Poor Absynthe suffers greatly as Bobbie is out to brutally punish her for Absynthe's impertinence. Wrapping her legs around her prey, and locking her arms around her neck, Bobbie stretches out Absynthe so she can pummel her tight little belly. Yanking her battered victim up to her feet by the hair, Bobbie rewards Absynthe with a hard hitting knee to her bruised abs. Down on the floor gasping for air, Absynthe is viciously kicked in the abs, causing her even more pain than she's experienced yet.

LF064 LF064 LF064

But the defiant (and fool hearty) Absynthe isn't quitting yet, she still tries to make a reach for the cell phone laying on the floor but Bobbie grabs her first and as Bobbie half heartedly attempts a hold on Absynthe, she's countered and now Absynthe has the advantage as she straddles her opponent and before she can do much to Bobbie, she's caught by Bobbie's legs and pulled back and trapped under Bobbie's feet as they are crossed over her throat and jammed in her face. Bobbie is all about humiliating her victims, and Absynthe is finding out for herself why a lot of the Ladyfist women dislike being Bobbie's victim. She's an ignorant bitch!

LF064 LF064 LF064

Once again yanking poor Absynthe up to her feet by the hair, Bobbie drapes her rag doll victim across her knee, flexing the little girl backwards, belly tight and back in pain as she bounces Absynthe's spine off her knee. But the back isn't all that is going to be hurting as Bobbie goes after another leg splitter and quickly goes back to more lower back damaging in an amazing show of strength as she picks up Absynthe by the hair and ankles to force a tremendously painful back arch on her helplessly battered victim.

LF064 LF064 LF064

Feigning care and compassion for her opponent, Bobbie saddles up behind Absynthe as if to comfort her but instead crushes Absynthe between her thighs and tries to double arm choke the poor girl. Poor Absynthe suffers greatly as Bobbie attacks her with HOM and more stretches and back breakers holds. Poor Absynthe is so weakened that Bobbie can't even pretend to actually have to work hard to fend off Absynthe's weak attacks. This is where Bobbie is very dangerous. She now has the time to concoct very ignorant holds to apply to her victims and Absynthe quickly finds out what it feels like to have a foot jammed up between the legs as Bobbie pulls hard on her feet. And with no means of defending herself, poor helpless Absynthe has to endure the brutal punishment until Bobbie releases her from it. But as soon as she's out of that hold, Absynthe is greeted with a kick to the crotch.

LF064 LF064 LF064

Bobbie is out to make an example out of this poor girl as she back breaks her, bites her in the thigh and brutalizes her victim without mercy. A brutal round of pinned down belly punching has Absynthe reeling with agony as Bobbie pummels her victims tight little abs with fists. Feeling the time is right, Bobbie sets up Absynthe for a sleep with a Hand Over Mouth knockout. Poor Absynthe is struggling to escape but Bobbie has a solid grip on the poor girl and holds her hands over Absynthe's mouth until the petite girl no longer struggles.. she's out cold. So much so she barely responded when Bobbie drives a heel into the unconscious girl's exposed belly.


When Absynthe finally wakes up, she crawls over to the phone but before she can reach it, Bobbie intercepts her and once again the brutality continues as Bobbie brutalizes her victim for her lack of respect. This time, Bobbie plans to permanently injure the little girl to keep her down for good. Pulling back on Absynthe's arms, Bobbie tortures Absynthe's lower back over and over, pulling back as hard as she can, listening for a snap of her victim's spine. Bobbie pulls Absynthe's back so hard she literally rolls up off the floor and lands in between Bobbie's thighs for another leg spreader.


Bobbie is in her glory as she humiliates her victim by making her walk around like a little dog as she leads her by the hair. Poor Absynthe is unable to defend herself as she finds herself trapped between Bobbie's thighs and her arms trapped while Bobbie assaults poor Absynthe's breasts over and over. But Bobbie isn't really that much of an evil bitch, no way.. After yanks Absynthe up to her feet by the hair and punishes her belly some more, Bobbie is kind hearted enough to give Absynthe a nice hug.. a BEAR HUG! hoisting Absynthe high off the floor. Being the ever evil bitch that she is, Bobbie slams Absynthe's crotch down hard against her knee as she lowers her battered victim down. Brutalized and battered, Absynthe is pulled backwards, her legs trapped against Bobbie as her antagonist pulls her backwards and tortures poor Absynthe's back and pounding on her exposed belly with crashing fists and belly clawing.


Poor Absynthe doesn't know if she's coming or going after the tremendous beating Bobbie has administered to her so far. Flat on her back, with Bobbie steeping on her hair with one foot, Absynthe is stomped on and punished on her already tormented tight little belly. Bobbie has Absynthe in her total control as she bitch-slaps her smaller opponent, humiliating the little girl. Trapped under her opponent, Absynthe is subjected to more torturous belly punching and stomping.


After grinding Absynthe's face into the mats, Bobbie crushes Absynthe's toes under one knee and bites down on the other one to even her out with the pain. Whimpering and sobbing, poor Absynthe is subjected to another sleeper hold and all her struggling won't save her from the big sleep as Bobbie cranks on the pressure to render her opponent asleep.

When Absynthe wakes from this one, she realizes Bobbie isn't around but the phone is lying on the floor nearby.. But before she can make a reach for it, Bobbie comes down the stairs and grabs Absynthe by the hair, pulls her backwards and firmly clamps Absynthe's head between her thighs, putting a strainfull arch in her victim's back and stretching her taut abs to the sky, in perfect positing to rain a deluge of heavy fists into with a resounding thudding noise. When Absynthe eventually crashes to the mats from this hold, she's roughly pulled up by the arms back into the same position for more brutality as Bobbie hammers at Absynthe's belly and bites her hard in the abs.


Flat on the floor in agony, Absynthe is pulled up by her belt to expose her belly as Bobbie drops a huge fist deep into Absynthe punished belly. In a moment of stupidity, Absynthe musters up her strength and smack talks back at Bobbie but before she could finish she's pulverized again in the belly to shut her up. Straddling her victim Bobbie methodically beats on her opponent's devastated belly. Poor Absynthe, she's scissors and stretched out again, unable to curl up to nurse her brutalized belly.


If Absynthe thought she was in pain before, she's not felt anything yet as Bobbie hoists her up in a most punishing and vicious back breaker before she clamps a solid figure four neck lock on her beaten victim. Slowly but surely, Absynthe, succumbs to the punishing hold and passes out, mercifully. But Bobbie always gets the last word in, at in this case, a solid stomp to the unconcious girl's abs as she lay there prone. And sign off the match in a proper and befitting method, Bobbie lands a crushing and cruel kick to the crotch that she's sure Absynthe will remember.. when she wakes up..



LF064 will appeal to fans of one sided beatdown, with tons of action and fast paced scenes where one poor victim takes an incredible amount of punishment before she's allowed to pass out unconscious from her brutal beatings.


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