LF069 - Company TakeOver featuring Absynthe vs Pierce (Custom Video)

44 Minutes of smothering face sitting action to the finish

Absynthe discovers that her father's evil and lecherous business partner has dastardly plans to take over the business unless she can put a stop to him before it's too late.

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Pierce, the lecherous business partner of the family company has it in his mind to do away with Absynthe's father so he may take full control of the business and reap the riches involved. After hiring a hit man to do the dirty deed, he sets off to find the petite girl to find out where her father is so he may give the final orders for the hit to take place. Little did he know, Absynthe got wind of the situation and decided that to save her father, she needs to do whatever it takes to make this creep disappear.

LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce

Faking friendliness, she lures Pierce to the sitting room and offers him a drink to put him off his guard, a poisoned drink! Just enough to knock him out to allow her to have her foreman crate the creep in a box and ship him off to some dark corner of the world where he'll never find his way back. But to do all this, poor innocent little Absynthe has to do whatever it takes, no matter how much it grosses her out to be even near this guy. She is so repulsed by his behavior but to save her father, she must go on.

LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce

Just barely keeping out of his groping hands' reach Absynthe watches as Pierce finally succumbs to her concoction and passes out on the floor. But before she can make the call to get her foreman over, Pierce inexplicably wakes up, though very groggy from the effects of the drug. Not only is he uncoordinated, but she discovers a horrible side effect of the poison is that it's made him even more lecherous than ever before as he's really trying to grope at her. She figures she's got to get another dose of poison into him to knock him out and decides to do a strip dance to keep him obedient but unfortunately, Pierce has other plans as his hands start to grope at poor Absynthe.

LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce
LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce

Disgusted and repulsed at his clumsy advances, she manages to knock him down, straddle him down to the floor and ends up fighting off his wandering hands, as all he has on his mind at this point is to get his lecherous hands on her hot tight little body. Try as she may, poor Absynthe desperately tries to get his hands pinned and away from her but he's still got a lot of strength left. During their struggle, Absynthe manages to position herself in a face sitting position. From here she finds that she's got better control of his groping hands, but unfortunately, this turns out to be a major turn on for the lecherous creep, but she dares not get off because he'll be able to get the advantage over her. By sitting on his face, as disgusting as it is to her, Absynthe is at least able to control Pierce and his groping hands.

LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce

After a while, Absynthe is desperate to knock him out to put an end to his ordeal. She clues in quickly that she's actually able to smother him in this manner and keep the pressure on Pierce who is totally oblivious to the peril soon to be brought on to him. Clamping her dancer's legs over his face, cutting off his air, she grinds down on him to block his ability to breathe. Now Pierce is starting to complain of his discomfort, but this only encourages Absynthe to keep the pressure on. Surely, no matter how disgusting this is, if she can endure it longer, she'll be able to do what the poison failed to do. She grinds down on Pierce, putting her full weight down, all the while fighting his hands. Whereas before, he was groping at her body in a lecherous manner, now he's groping away, clawing away out of desperation.

LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce LF069 - Absynthe vs Pierce

The end is near for Pierce as his air supply is cut off and his breathing hampered by Absynthe's face sitting. He desperately tries to get her off as this is not fun anymore, he's finally realizing his desperate situation but no matter how hard he tries to get her off to save himself, Absynthe is locked on tight and won't give up the struggle because the alternatives are too horrible for her. Finally, Pierce's body ceases to struggle and he goes limp, out like a light. Even then, Absynthe takes no risks and she continues to press down on the creep, ensuring he won't be waking up from this ordeal any time soon.

Now that the lecherous creep is finally out for the count, Absynthe is able to call for her foreman to come pick up the garbage and have him hauled out and shipped to where there is no return from the deepest darkest corner of the world. Once again, Absynthe has saved the day, and most importantly, her father from what could have been a tragic ending.

LF069 will definitely appeal to the face sitting fans as the sessions and long and intense.


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