LF074 Let Go My Hair! - Crystal Cleer vs Bobbie Blush

39 minutes of root yanking hair pulling, breast mauls and more...

Here's a video for all you hair pulling fans!

What is interesting with this video is that both ladies went toe to toe (or hair to hair) non-stop for the whole video duration. That's a first for us. What was supposed to have been a 10 minute clip for the Member's Area quickly turned into a full fledged hair fight between these two ladies. Unscripted, unrehearsed. Both ladies threw down for this match and a definite winner emerges.

When Bobbie come home from work and heads up for a shower to get ready for her date, she's pissed to find out that Crystal Cleer had used up the rest of her expensive shampoo! When Crystal won't go out to get more, all hell break loose!

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With thick luscious hair, Crystal hadn't though anything of it when she used the rest of Bobbie's expensive shampoo and refuses to apologize for leaving Bobbie high and dry in hair products. Of course, Bobbie, being the more experienced of the two at cat fighting, doesn't hesitate to lunge at Crystal's hair to teach her a lesson.


Back and forth they go, these two hell cats are intent in causing the other harm when they try to rip the other's hair out of their scalp, using anything and everything available to them to gain the advantage. When one can't reach her opponent's hair to retaliate, she goes for the tender breasts, trying to force the other to let go of the hair. It's a test of wills, seeing who can take more pain than the other.


Having the thicker and longer hair, Crystal finds herself caught up in various holds that increases the pain level as she can hear the hair being ripped out by the roots. But don't count her out yet. She's a quiet one but she's a dangerous one as she returns the favour to Bobbie when ever she can get a free hand.

Both women resort to biting and clawing to force the other to let go of the hair. It's a matter of what hurts more, the hair or the breasts for example.


Though she's smaller than Crystal, Bobbie makes a good go of it as she trashes down Crystal's hair but not without penalty or cost to her own hair and breasts as her opponent uses what she can to inflict pain and suffering on Bobbie.

And just as one girl thinks that she has her nemesis beaten and ready for the kill, the tables are turned as one of the antagonist puts her foe out with a solid and tight sleeper hold to get the win.


LF074 will appeal to the hair pulling fans for sure, and for those who enjoy a good non-scripted match between two vicious women.


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