LF084 Evicted - Aiden vs Absynthe (Custom Video)

47 Minutes One Sided Beatdown - Knockouts & Rag dolling

Tension is high at the Ladyfist household when Absynthe has Aiden evicted from the house. Presented with legal papers to quit the premises, Aiden has little choice but to leave immediately. But this doesn't mean she's going to let Absynthe get away with it. Aiden returns later, masked as a burglar and brings a world of hurt to petite Absynthe, reminding her why Aiden has been deemed the "Maniacal Diva" by her fans. You've never seen brutality as what Aiden can deliver when she's pissed!

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Totally surprised, Absynthe is caught off guard by Aiden's furious attack, with deep belly punches and knees to the crotch, Absynthe can barely defend herself and is eventually rendered unconscious by the vicious battering. Laying there vulnerably exposed, Absynthe is subjected to brutal belly and crotch stomps as Aiden extracts her revenge on her petite victim. Every time Absynthe manages to regain consciousness, Aiden hammers her belly severely enough to drop Absynthe who is then once again stomped while unconscious Aiden wants to make sure that Absynthe will remember this evening as Aiden attacks her opponent's limbs and lower back and even goes as far as slamming her face into the bare floor, once again rendering the little girl unconscious.


Pulling Absynthe up by the hair as she awakens, Aiden knocks her down again and works Absynthe legs over with knee drops. Stomps on her legs and ass may hurt nothing like when Absynthe is wheel barrow kicked in the crotch with such force as to send her skidding across the floor in writhing pain. Crying and begging for her attacker to stop, her pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears as it's all sweet music to Aiden. Stomped and kicked, Absynthe is once again face slammed into the floor which knocks her out cold. Aiden takes this quiet moment to lay on much more abuse on her victim by repeatedly stomping on the poor girl's battered belly, dragging her across the floor by the hair and just having her way as Aiden rag dolls poor Absynthe in her unconscious state with total disregard for her helpless victim.


The continuous beat down on poor Absynthe has telling weakening effects on the poor girl but she courageously mounts a come back, enough to yank the mask off of Aiden head and is shocked to discover who her attack had been all this time. But this angers Aiden who viciously brutalizes her helpless victim with increased gusto. Stomps to the belly, deep thudding belly punches, stomps to the breasts, knees to the abs, dragging her victim by the hair, all of these have telling effects and poor Absynthe can't even defend herself anymore. Battered and brutalized, Absynthe is once again weakened she can't prevent being dragged over to the chairs where her arms are trapped and now is subjected to repeated knockouts with hand over mouth KO, Sleepers and chokes. Every time she goes out, she's brutalized and punished with vicious stomps and kicks.


Bruised and abused, Absynthe is barely able to crawl away and is quickly taken by Aiden who slams Absynthe up against the door, allowing her ample opportunity to hammer away at Absynthe's now ruined abs, knocking her down every time and yanked back up for more punishment. This time, Aiden really gets dangerous as she lays Absynthe out on the floor and tortures her belly and chest with deep blasting stomps. Absynthe's sobbing and crying starts to get on Aiden's nerves so she resorts to tying Absynthe's hands behind her back and cleave gagging her opponent so she can continue her torturous ways in peace and quiet. As Aiden belly stomps her victim, she notices the shoe laces are untied. Never missing an opportunity for adding insult to injury, Aiden ties Absynthe's feet together with her own shoe laces. And promptly resumes her relentless and efficient brutality on Absynthe.


Poor Absynthe, broken, beaten and tortured, she endures more vicious stomping on her chest and belly before Aiden finally tires of her work, but not before besetting one last humiliating ended on her victim. Aiden hypnotizes Absynthe so that though she will feel the effects of this brutal of beat downs, she won't have any idea as to what caused all her pains and suffering. And with one final knock out hold, Aiden puts her hated antagonist to sleep for the last time and with a snap of the fingers on her way out the door, Aiden can laugh that Absynthe will awaken in immense pain but not know what had happened. Now that's adding insult to severe injury!

LF084 will certainly appeal to the one sided - Squash fans out there. With deep thudding belly stomps, hair pulling, chokes, hair pulling, humiliation and belly punching, this video is non-stop brutality at it's best, Aiden-style!

We know you're going to love this one!


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