LF089 Pretty Hair - Nikki vs Banshee

32 Minutes of Hair, hair and more hair pulling fight.

Rough and tough Nikki can't seem to get any peace and quiet around here without Banshee coming in to ruin her day. Never impressed with Nikki's beautiful long and luscious hair, Banshee decides she's going to make Nikki suffer, by her pretty hair. Take downs, belly punching, hair pulling and general mayhem highlight this hard fought battle.

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Banshee doesn't waste time in getting the action started as she walks up to the relaxing Nikki, and goes after her hair. But Nikki isn't a push over and soon both women are into each other's hair until they let go to start a Test of Strength match to see who is actually tougher. Nikki ends up on the bottom and suffers her hair being pulled, a few deep belly shots and a cruel breast mauling session, just so Banshee can show NIkki who is indeed the meanest toughest bitch around here. But don't count out Nikki yet, she's been in some tough fights before and she's not ready to roll over yet. She manages to get up to her feet and takes down Banshee for some fun of her own. Kicks to the ribs, hair yanking, belly punching, Nikki means business but it's not long before Banshee manages to take down Nikki once again to extract some of her revenge on the blonde girl.


It doesn't take long for Banshee to get the upper hand over Nikki. That long beautiful blonde hair of hers is too tempting of a target as Banshee torture poor Nikki with an assault of breast mauls, scissoring, kicks, stomps, belly punching and more hair pulling. Try as she may, Nikki doesn't seem to be able to take down Banshee as easily as we had thought but slowly but surely, the tables turn as Nikki manages to grab a big handful of Banshee's hair and takes down her opponent for some good ol' fashioned beat down payback. Banshee can take as good and she gives as she fights off Nikki's vicious attacks but once again, Banshee takes the upper hand from her blonde opponent.


Nikki is in survival mode as she tries to push off Banshee's cruel and vicious attacks. Relentless hair pulling, gut punching and breast mauling is inflicted on poor Nikki. She manages to get her shots in once in a while and even looks like she's going to put Banshee down for good but unfortunately, Banshee manages to take back the advantage and brings even more pain and suffering to our blonde tough girl. But just when you though that this would be a humiliating loss for Nikki, she digs deep and manages to drop her opponent with a brutally deep belly punch. This is the opening Nikki had be waiting so that now, she can tear Banshee apart, and you know cruelty is high on her list of priorities. Roughly pulling Banshee up to her feet by the hair, Nikki jams her up against the wall where she can properly drill her in the belly, followed up with cruel kicks to the ribs.


But unfortunately, Banshee is indeed a lot tougher than she looks. Once again in control, she returns the favour to Nikki with devastating belly shots, leg spreads and a most cruel cheap shot. Its all down hill for poor Nikki now as Banshee has her opponent so badly weakened, she can do as she pleases with her. And what pleases Banshee is ripping the crying and sobbing Nikki apart. Yanking Nikki's hair until you can almost feel the scalp lifting of her head, stomps, kicks and punches to the belly, cruel and nasty cheap shots and then mercifully a Sleeper Hold followed up with a Hand Over Month KO to finally put poor Nikki out of her painful misery. Nikki is one tough chic but was totally outclassed by an even tougher and meaner opponent.

LF089 will really appeal to the Hair Pulling fans out there. This was one rough and tough match between two viciously tough gals and they give it their all in the video.




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