LF092 Failing Grade - Lily vs Absynthe (custom video)

42 Minutes of one sided beat down with HOM, Belly Punching, Rag Dolling, Pile Driver and cruel crotch attacks.

Absynthe gets good grades in University which really pisses off Lily who has to work hard to get average grades while studious little Absynthe is a natural at Academia. Lily is past the boiling point one night and decides to take out her failing grades on Absynthe, making sure the petite girl suffers a failing grade herself with brutal belly punches, stomps to the crotch, knees to the face, a face punch and worse every time Absynthe gets a wrong answer to Lily's quiz test, even if Absynthe got the answer right, it wrong. How can you win?!

Bookworm Absynthe is minding her own business one evening, studying up on current events for another exam when Lily walks in and starts to trash talk the little girl. Much taller and very strong, Lilly doesn't fear petite Absynthe's famous scissor legs at all because Lily isn't going to give her opponent a chance. When Absynthe stands up to the big bully, she's taken put down to the floor. Lily, figuring she'd made her point, foolishly turns her back on Absynthe who takes advantage of Lily's mistake and nails her in the back of the head with a rolled up magazine, sending her down to the floor from where Absynthe stomps her in hopes to subdue her larger opponent but unfortunately, Lily gets up and nails Absynthe deep in the abs, weakening the poor little girl. Pulling Absynthe's hat down over her eyes to blind her, Lily pounds away at her victim's belly and crotch, dropping her to the floor so that the beat down may begin in earnest!


Toying with her victim, Lily asks her the very basic and simplest of questions and every time Absynthe gets the wrong answer (even if it's correct) she gets a beating. This is Lily's way of getting even. Half conscious with pain, poor Absynthe is rag dolled and tossed from side to side by Lily, like a cat cruelly playing with a wounded mouse. Caught in a head lock choke, Absynthe can barely get her answers out when Lily asks her silly questions and is rolled around until nearly unconscious. Beaten and humiliated, Absynthe suffers cruel hits as Lily targets the poor girl's belly and crotch with punches and an extremely vicious knee lift to the crotch that leaves Absynthe writhing on the ground.


Still not satisfied she's got what she wanted, Lily mercilessly continues her cruel beat down on poor Absynthe, shoving her up against the wall to deliver a knee to the face that sends Absynthe crashing to the floor in horrible pain. Rolling around and rag dolling her victim again, Lily straddles her victim and pounds away with slaps and punches to her helpless victim's belly, breasts and crotch until eventually putting her out of her misery with another HOM. While unconscious., Absynthe is humiliated by having her shirt removed, and just before she can resist anymore attacks, she is subjected to a devastating Pile Driver that leaves the poor girl senseless.


And to make matters worse, Lily's mean streak kicks in high gear as she ties her victim's arms behind her back and uses Absynthe's own socks as she stuffs one in her mouth before cleave gagging the defenseless girl with the other sock. Trapped, burt and cruelly vulnerable, Absynthe is subjected to vicious belly, breast and crotch attacks before once again being put out with a lingering HOM. Lily, proud of her work, rips away at Absynthe's favourite jeans, leaving the poor girl unconscious. on the floor half exposed.


Later, bruised, battered and hurt Absynthe wakens, manages to slowly free herself from the hog tie Lily had left her in and slowly crawls over to the window ledge to get her phone to call for help but is sneak-attacked by Lily with a brutal slam to the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper that leaves the poor girl unconscious. and sprawled out on the floor. When Absynthe shows a little sign of recovery, Lily is all over her with vengeance and hatred in her heart as she puts Absynthe out with yet another HOM.


As if the beating wasn't enough to send her message to Absynthe, Lily wants to really humiliate her victim as she yanks Absynthe's pants down to her knees and scrawls a huge "F" for FAILURE on Absynthe's destroyed belly.

Poor Absynthe, beaten and battered and humiliated for being the smartest girl around. Life isn't fair, and neither is Lily, the cruelest fighter girl yet!

LF092 is non stop action with a lot of belly punching, knockouts, rag dolling, crotch and breast attacks. Toss in a pile driver, face punch and knee to the face, you have yourself one hell of a brutal Squash video! And one hell of a beaten down Jobber Girl Absynthe.. again.

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