LF095 - Inherited Trouble - Absynthe vs Delyte (custom video)

54 Minutes of Face Sitting action with an unexpected unscripted ending

Another sequel theme of Face Sitting Inheritance knockouts.

Petite Absynthe and her evil step-sister Delyte are expecting an exceptionally large inheritance but Delyte, the evil lecherous step-sister wants it all for herself and has planned for a hit man to do away with Absynthe so can have it all for herself. Having overheard of the plot, Absynthe hatches her plan for survival when she lures Delyte in for a drink in hope to poison her but unfortunately, the drink has unexpected result, making Delyte groggy and even more lecherous for her hot little step-sister. Delyte wakes up and is groggy but hot for her step-sister. Absynthe is barely able to push Delyte away as the older step-sister makes her advances on the petite girl, grossing her out completely. As Absynthe fights off her lecherous pawing step-sister, she discovers her best means of defense is to face sit her older step-sister in hopes to smother her but she doesn't have the technique down right and Delyte is more than enjoying herself until finally, Absynthe manages to sit properly, robbing Delyte from air and she panic struggles for survival until finally, Absynthe is free of her step-sister's evil ways.

What makes this sequel themed video very unique amongst our lineup of videos is that immediately after shooting this video, Absynthe boasts to Delyte that if she wanted to, she really could have knocked out Delyte with a face sit smother. Unfortunately, Delyte isn't the type to be trifled with. When Absynthe doesn't shut up about what she could have done, Delyte roughly grabs Absynthe and knocks her down to the floor so Delyte can show Absynthe the errors of her way. Now, this was a surprise to us and I'm sure you're going to enjoy the additional footage as much as you'll enjoy the main story.



LF095 will appeal to the face sitting faces as Absynthe courageously tries to smother out Delyte to survive long enough to get the inheritance money. The special post credit bonus footage will also appeal to Absynthe's fans as well as face sitting fans.



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