LF102 - Jobber Girl Dominates - Absynthe vs Lily

38 Minutes of smaller girl beating the larger girl with lots of hair pulls, scissors, KOs, sleeper hold, figure four neck scissors and belly punching.

Petite little Absynthe is everyone's favourite Jobber Girl but she's had enough taking a beating, especially from Lily so this time she decides to show everyone what she can really do against a larger opponent. Lily, not impressed with Absynthe's popularity or abilities under-estimates the little one and though she manages to turn the tables on Absynthe, soon finds herself on the receiving end of a vicious and humiliating beat down by a girl much smaller than herself. This is one video fight Lily won't soon forget!

When Lily walks in on the set, she figures we're going for the usual routine of big girl beating down on little girl scene but Absynthe had already decided that this time, she is going to be doing the beating on the bigger girl. Lily, who is never afraid of anyone, really does under-estimate Absynthe's abilities and quickly finds herself caught in Absynthe's vice-like scissors and hair pulling before she's able to toss off Absynthe and as she tries to set up Absynthe for a camel clutch, quickly finds herself in a forward headlock as Absynthe tries to choke Lily out.


Absynthe hangs on for dear life but she's confident enough that she can handle the taller blonde girl, yanking on her hair and applying scissors to keep Lily on the defensive. Lily tries to take control of the little girl but surprisingly enough, Absynthe is on the attack as she knows Lily won't show mercy should she get the advantage. Once Absynthe has Lily on her back and straddling her, Absynthe rains sharp little fists into Lily's belly before rolling her over for a painful camel clutch of her own. Everytime Lily manages to shake off the little girl, she soon finds herself on the receiving end as Absynthe once again finds a way to trip down her opponent and get a good scissors on Lily to hold her down for a short while. But Lily is no one's bitch so when she finally gets control over Absynthe, Lily hammers down on her opponent to hurt on and bend the little one.


Lily gets a solid sleeper hold locked onto Absynthe and our favourite Jobber Girl goes down very quickly as she's unable to withstand Lily's crushing hold. Unconcious in Lily's lap, Absynthe is revived by a brutal breast maul and before Lily can get to work on Absynthe, the little girl manages to someone take Lily down a notch with hair pulling and gut wrenching punches. Now it's Absynthe's turn to try and knock out her larger opponent with a sleeper hold as Lily desperately tries to break the hold but is in turn knocked out, only to be revived with vicious belly punches as Absynthe is out to make her point that this little Jobber Girl is out for payback.


Absynthe is indeed in charge now as she chisels away at Lily, with belly punches, hair pulls, scissors and a sharp slap to the face. Lily can't seen to get her act together and is unable to take down the little girl as she's repeatedly punched and finally caught in a figure four neck scissors while being knocked out with a Hand Over Mouth smother. Absynthe did enough damage on Lily that the taller blonde never fully recovers and is rag dolled and abused by her smaller opponent.

Absynthe enjoys herself trash talking and methodically taking apart her victim, rubbing Lily's face into the mat as she rubs her feet into Lily's head. Still very groggy from the HOM smother, Lily is so out of it that Absynthe is able to play with her victim, bitch slapping Lily at will with solid shots to the face. Yanking Lily around by the hair, Absynthe uses her stunned opponent as a bench and chair, sitting on Lily, longing on her, stretching out on top of poor Lily.


Absynthe, fully enjoying her position of dominance over her much larger opponent is milking this fight for all it's worth with constant trash talking, humiliating the blonde girl with viciously sharp slaps to the face, hair pulls and general evil abuse, only because she can and there is very little Lily can do to stop her. Absynthe crawls up and behind Lily, wraps her arms around her victim's neck and applies a long and lingering Sleeper Hold to slowly but surely knock out her opponent.. After Lily is out, Absynthe crawls up the length of Lily's body and clamps on another Hand Over Mouth suffocation hold before Lily can recover at all from her previous KO.. And even then, Absynthe is not done as she applies yet another figure four neck scissor to once again KO her victim, Lily. Standing above her brutally defeated and unconcious foe, Absynthe warns Lily to never show her face around here again or she'll end up with another ass kicking again.


Either Absynthe is actually getting smarter and tougher when fighting the larger girls, or Lily had an off-day and got caught by a smaller opponent, we'll never know. But suffice to say that today, the Jobber Girl Dominates.. this time!


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