LF108 - OverDue - Lily vs Nina

32 Minutes of scissoring, Test of Strength, KO, hair pulling and cheap shots. A battle to the finish to see who is the toughest bitch around.

Not long ago, Nina stepped into Lily's library and caused a disturbance from which Lily had to eject her to protect the silence in the library. Nina really didn't think that book-worm Lily could do anything about so the challenge went out and these two tough gals decided to settle the argument on the mats. What Lily didn't realize is that though the lovely, thick and luscious haired Nina looked like a push-over, she was far from it.

Right from the begriming when both ladies lock hands for a Test of Strength struggle, Lily finds herself mostly on the defensive as Nina is able to use her powerful thighs to crush Lily's ribs causing her to release the hold. But when they lock up again, Lily now has the advantage as she quickly puts Nina out with a double arm choke. Never one to pass on an opportunity to humiliate her opponent, Lily plays with her unconscious victim before waking her up.


But Lily's in for a surprise as Nina give Lily a cheap shot and drop the tough librarian to her knees. Locking hands once again, these two rough and tough gals aren't going lightly on each other as they each have something to prove. This time, Nina sneaks in a Sleeper Hold and puts Lily out for the count.


Nina, proud of herself, wakes Lily with a vicious swift kick to the crotch. Once again they lock hands and push hard against each other, determined to show the other who's queen bitch around here. Slammed against the wall, neither girl is letting go or giving quarter to the other. Nina has much of the advantage over this exchange over Lily but suffers vicious hair pulling and a few cheap shots from the now exasperated Lily. But when Lily gets caught with a body scissors and reverse choke, its lights out for the librarian. Nina, still isn't impressed with her opponent and goes back after her, how tough could this girl be after all?


Nina, so full of confidence, challenges Lily to another Test of Strength struggle but Lily tricks her and nails Nina with a sneaky punch to the belly and both girls are now on the mats trying to scissor each other and pull hair, trying to make the other submit. Lily has a reputation to uphold and she's not letting a new girl ruin it on her.All she has to do is avoid Nina's brutal Scissors! Those beautiful thighs are vice like and Nina knows how to use them effectively. Try as she may, Lily simply can't take the sexy Nina down and suffers yet another KO, but this time between Nina's powerful thighs.


But when Lily wakes up, she's extremely pissed off and delivers a vicious cheap shot to Nina's crotch which spells the begriming of the end for the long haired girl as she's trapped in a prolonged camel clutch torture as her hair and ample breasts are victimized. Lily tries to snap Nina's spine with bow and arrows but resorts back to the torturous camel clutch with Nina desperately tries to avoid. But when Lily delivers a few overly brutal and vicious knees to Nina's crotch, all resistance is impossible and she's once again put into the camel clutch, stretched, tortured and finally knocked out for the end.. But it's not over yet until the fat lady sings.. And she's got quite the tune to sign as Lily rag dolls her victim, wanting her victim to remember this humiliating ending of her first match here at Ladyfist.


But when Nina later wakes up, she vows to seek revenge. Something tells us it will be an epic battle this time!

LF108 is packed full of action featuring scissoring, hair pulls, camel clutches and the Test of Strength. Both Nina and Lily fought hard to see who would come out victorious and the ensuring battle left both women bruised and battered. The rematch is anticipated to be quite the battle.



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